Translation for 'springiness' from English to French
NOUN   springiness | -
SYNO give | spring | springiness
souplesse {f}springiness
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Translation for 'springiness' from English to French

souplesse {f}
Usage Examples English
  • The wooden slats on which the "muk yan jong" is mounted has a springiness that is similar to a human opponent's involuntary reaction and allows the user to practice absorbing energy into his/her stance.
  • This occurs because of the elasticity of the string and the natural springiness of the bow.
  • Rotating on the ball of the foot is normally preferred due to the normal advantage of tiptoe, and the springiness of the body, which is why many martial arts encourage sparring opponents to stay on tip toe the entire match, for better movement as well as rotation.
  • The passive radiator resonates at a frequency determined by its mass and the springiness (compliance) of the air in the enclosure.
  • This makes it a choice for playgrounds, where the springiness provides additional safety for children when they fall off of playground equipment.

  • The rice flour provided bulk and flavor, while the tapioca flour gives the noodle elasticity and springiness.
  • Stainless steel archwires have high stiffness, low springiness, corrosion resistant, low range and good formability.
  • Even after this modification, users of the staircase reported "a certain amount of springiness".
  • Medusae swim by a form of jet propulsion: muscles, especially inside the rim of the bell, squeeze water out of the cavity inside the bell, and the springiness of the mesoglea powers the recovery stroke.
  • The reed stays pressed against the mouthpiece until either the springiness of the reed forces it to open or a returning pressure wave 'bumps' into the reed and opens it.

  • Radial tires have different characteristics of springiness from those of bias-ply tires, and a different degree of slip while steering.
  • Dave Kehr of the "Chicago Tribune" said that Eddie Murphy's companion as played by Charlotte Lewis, is a beautiful Eurasian woman who leaps, chops and backflips with all the unflappable springiness of Bruce Lee, but director Michael Ritchie employs her chiefly as cheesecake.
  • However, they are inferior in that they lack the springiness and natural point of red sable.
  • The effect is noticeable as a springiness in the bike when on the back wheel and this feels less precise and confidence inspiring to many riders than a rim brake, which holds the wheel directly at the rim.
  • They must also damp out much of the wheel bounce when the unsprung weight of a wheel, hub, axle, and sometimes brakes and the differential bounces up and down on the springiness of a tire.

  • A long ponytail with a high Rapunzel number, hangs down, as the pull of gravity overwhelms the springiness.
  • The springiness and large dampening factor in the main undercarriage makes the Polyt V tolerant of imprecise flaring and the uneven ground surfaces typically found when towing a plane home from an outlanding on a field.
  • "Hindquarters" – well muscled, rounded, and giving the appearance of springiness.
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