Translation for 'to become' from English to French
VERB   to become | became | become
becoming | becomes
SYNO to become | to get | to go | ...
devenirto become
se faire qc. [devenir] [ex.: La chaleur se faisait de plus en plus grande.]to become sth.
2 Words: Verbs
s'acclimater [idée]to become accepted
to become acclimated [Am.]
to become acclimatised [Br.]
to become acclimatized
redevenirto become again
s'agiter [perdre son calme]to become agitated
s'américaniserto become Americanised [Br.]
s'américaniserto become Americanized
s'angliciserto become anglicized
s'animer [orateur]to become animated
se dessinerto become apparent
transparaîtreto become apparent
se révéler [apparaître]to become apparent
s'affirmer [progrès, tendance]to become apparent
s'assimilerto become assimilated
se déformer [pantalon]
to become baggy
s'amenderto become better
s'affermir [santé]
to become better
devenir plus grandto become bigger
se tacher [fruit]to become blemished
s'estomperto become blurred
se voiler [yeux]to become blurred
s'éloigner [image, souvenir]to become blurred
s'enhardirto become bolder
glisser dans l'ennuito become bored
to become cancerous
s'éclaircir [situation, problème, mystère]to become clarified
se faire jourto become clear
s'éclairer [fig.] [situation]to become clear
s'expliquer [être compréhensible]to become clear
s'éclairer [fig.] [situation]to become clearer
se préciser [danger, avenir, menace]to become clearer
s'éclaircir [situation, problème, mystère]to become clearer
se troubler [liquide]to become cloudy
se couvrir [ciel]
to become cloudy
tomber dans le communto become commonplace
devenir concretto become concrete [plan]
se confondreto become confused
se troubler [idées]to become confused
s'obscurcir [situation]to become confused
s'embrouillerto become confused [person, ideas]
se congestionner [être encombré]
to become congested
se déshumaniser
to become dehumanised [Br.]
se déshumaniser
to become dehumanized
se déshydraterto become dehydrated
se découragerto become dejected
se démoraliserto become demoralised [Br.]
se démoraliserto become demoralized
se dépeupler
to become depopulated
se dépraverto become depraved
se dépeupler [se vider temporairement]to become deserted
se découragerto become discouraged
déchanterto become disenchanted
se découragerto become disheartened
se décomposer [visage, traits]to become distorted
se cliver
to become divided
être pris de vertigeto become dizzy
s'appesantir [esprit]to become duller
entrer en vigueur
to become effective [law etc.]
s'émacierto become emaciated
se faire anoblirto become enobled
s'enchevêtrer [fils, brins de laine]
to become entangled
s'établirto become established
s'instituerto become established
s'implanterto become established
s'installer [régime]
to become established
s'epuiser [réserves, ressources]
to become exhausted
disparaître [fig.] [cesser d'exister]to become extinct
blondir [cheveux]to become fairer
s'affermir [terrain]to become firmer
devenir fade
to become flavorless [Am.]
devenir fade
to become flavourless [Br.]
se congestionner [visage]
to become flushed [face]
s'énerverto become flustered
se troubler [perdre contenance]to become flustered
s'endurcir [cœur, âme]to become hardened
se durcir [ton, attitude, régime]to become harsher
se voiler [soleil, paysage]to become hazy
s'assainir [atmosphère, environnement]to become healthier
s'appesantir [tête]to become heavier
s'éraillerto become hoarse
se creuser [joues, visage]to become hollow
s'altérer [santé, faculté, relation, saveur]to become impaired
to become impoverished
to become inflamed
se mettre en courrouxto become infuriated
s'implanterto become ingrained
s'institutionnaliser [organisation, pratique] to become institutionalised [organisation, practice] [Br.]
s'institutionnaliser [organisation, pratique] to become institutionalized [organisation, practice] [Am.]
se mettre en courrouxto become irate
s'irriter [organe]
to become irritated
s'affiner [jugement]to become keener
percer [acteur, écrivain]
to become known
entrer dans la légende [fait]to become legendary [deed]
s'adapter à qn./ become like sb./sth.
s'animer [conservation, débat]to become lively [conservation, debate]
se perdre [personne]to become lost
s'attiédirto become lukewarm
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Translation for 'to become' from English to French

to become
to become sth.
se faire qc. [devenir] [ex.: La chaleur se faisait de plus en plus grande.]

to become accepted
s'acclimater [idée]
to become acclimated [Am.]
to become acclimatised [Br.]
to become acclimatized
to become again
to become agitated
s'agiter [perdre son calme]
to become Americanised [Br.]
to become Americanized
to become anglicized
to become animated
s'animer [orateur]
to become apparent
se dessiner


se révéler [apparaître]

s'affirmer [progrès, tendance]
to become assimilated
to become baggy
se déformer [pantalon]vêt.
to become better

s'affermir [santé]méd.
to become bigger
devenir plus grand
to become blemished
se tacher [fruit]
to become blurred

se voiler [yeux]

s'éloigner [image, souvenir]
to become bolder
to become bored
glisser dans l'ennui
to become cancerous
to become clarified
s'éclaircir [situation, problème, mystère]
to become clear
se faire jour

s'éclairer [fig.] [situation]

s'expliquer [être compréhensible]
to become clearer
s'éclairer [fig.] [situation]

se préciser [danger, avenir, menace]

s'éclaircir [situation, problème, mystère]
to become cloudy
se troubler [liquide]

se couvrir [ciel]météo.
to become commonplace
tomber dans le commun
to become concrete [plan]
devenir concret
to become confused
se confondre

se troubler [idées]

s'obscurcir [situation]
to become confused [person, ideas]
to become congested
se congestionner [être encombré]trafic
to become dehumanised [Br.]
se déshumanisersociol.
to become dehumanized
se déshumanisersociol.
to become dehydrated
se déshydrater
to become dejected
se décourager
to become demoralised [Br.]
se démoraliser
to become demoralized
se démoraliser
to become depopulated
se dépeuplergéogr.sociol.
to become depraved
se dépraver
to become deserted
se dépeupler [se vider temporairement]
to become discouraged
se décourager
to become disenchanted
to become disheartened
se décourager
to become distorted
se décomposer [visage, traits]
to become divided
se cliverminér.
to become dizzy
être pris de vertige
to become duller
s'appesantir [esprit]
to become effective [law etc.]
entrer en vigueuradm.
to become emaciated
to become enobled
se faire anoblir
to become entangled
s'enchevêtrer [fils, brins de laine]textile
to become established



s'installer [régime]pol.
to become exhausted
s'epuiser [réserves, ressources]écol.
to become extinct
disparaître [fig.] [cesser d'exister]
to become fairer
blondir [cheveux]
to become firmer
s'affermir [terrain]
to become flavorless [Am.]
devenir fadecuis.
to become flavourless [Br.]
devenir fadecuis.
to become flushed [face]
se congestionner [visage]anat.
to become flustered

se troubler [perdre contenance]
to become hardened
s'endurcir [cœur, âme]
to become harsher
se durcir [ton, attitude, régime]
to become hazy
se voiler [soleil, paysage]
to become healthier
s'assainir [atmosphère, environnement]
to become heavier
s'appesantir [tête]
to become hoarse
to become hollow
se creuser [joues, visage]
to become impaired
s'altérer [santé, faculté, relation, saveur]
to become impoverished
to become inflamed
to become infuriated
se mettre en courroux
to become ingrained
to become institutionalised [organisation, practice] [Br.]
s'institutionnaliser [organisation, pratique]
to become institutionalized [organisation, practice] [Am.]
s'institutionnaliser [organisation, pratique]
to become irate
se mettre en courroux
to become irritated
s'irriter [organe]méd.
to become keener
s'affiner [jugement]
to become known
percer [acteur, écrivain]filmlittérat.théâtre
to become legendary [deed]
entrer dans la légende [fait]
to become like sb./sth.
s'adapter à qn./qc.
to become lively [conservation, debate]
s'animer [conservation, débat]
to become lost
se perdre [personne]
to become lukewarm
Usage Examples English
  • Construction began in 2013, with plans for it to become operable by 2015 and produce up to 50 aircraft per year by 2017.b Mardi Gras is an official state holiday in Mobile and Baldwin counties.
  • Although every human being is invited to become a Christian, only those who have undergone the initiation into the Christian community through baptism can share in the "realistic" dying and rising with Christ.
  • What interests him, he tells Rieux, is how to become a saint even though he does not believe in God.
  • The mission of Ada Developers Academy is to diversify tech by providing women and gender diverse people the skills, experience, and community support to become professional software developers to change the face of tech.
  • The axon hillock is the area formed from the cell body of the neuron as it extends to become the axon.

  • according to Bemer, "so much so that the code that was to become ASCII was first called the "Bemer–Ross Code" in Europe".
  • and in May 1941 van Vogt decided to become a full-time writer, quitting his job at the Canadian Department of National Defence.
  • At the time, many speculated that the stores would fail, but they went on to become highly successful, and the first of more than 500 stores around the world.
  • The new nomenclature scheme was applied to the Audi 100 to become the Audi A6 (with a minor facelift).
  • Hayakawa (later to become a Republican member of the U.S. ...

  • Alexander appears to have introduced a new coinage in Cilicia in Tarsus, after the Battle of Issus in 333 BC, which went on to become the main coinage of the empire.
  • Jainism views every soul as worthy of respect because it has the potential to become "Siddha" (God in Jainism).
  • Angola's economy has in recent years moved on from the disarray caused by a quarter-century of Angolan civil war to become the fastest-growing economy in Africa and one of the fastest-growing in the world, with an average GDP growth of 20% between 2005 and 2007.
  • Arthur moved to Hamburg to live with his friend Jean Anthime, who was also studying to become a merchant.
  • The refinery on Aruba grew to become one of the largest in the world.

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