Translation for 'war wound' from English to French
NOUN   a war wound | war wounds
blessure {f} de guerre
war wound
Partial Matches
blessure {f}
plaie {f}wound
cicatrisation {f}
wound healing
blessure {f} purulente
festering wound
affront {m}
wound [psychological]
blessure {f} par ballegunshot wound
fond {m} de la plaie
wound base
blessure {f} perforante
stab wound
mille-feuille {f} [Achillea millefolium] [aussi : millefeuille]
wound wort
blesser wound sb. [feelings­]
blesser qn./ wound sb./sth.
meurtrir qn./qc. [blesser moralement]
to wound sb./sth.
cicatrisation {f}
wound repair [wound healing]
blesser qn. dans sa vanitéto wound sb.'s pride
berge {f} de la plaie
edge of (the) wound
envenimer une plaieto make a wound go septic
raviver une douleur [mentale]
to re-open an old wound [fig.]
être énervé à cause de qn./qc. [loc.]to be wound up about sb./sth. [idiom]
guerre {f}
monument {m} commémoratif de guerrewar memorial
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Usage Examples English
  • As the Algerian civil war wound to a close, presidential elections were held again in April 1999.
  • As the War wound down, the Legion was largely responsible for Mucianus' victory over the forces of Vitellius during the brief Civil War following the death of Nero.
  • As the French and Indian War wound down in the frontier, the fort's garrison was moved to other forts.
  • His leg was amputated late in life, in part due to his old war wound. To his dying day, he kept several small shell fragments that had been taken from his leg in 1916.
  • In another, it mentions that he had an old war wound that still required attention by a doctor, although whether this was the reason for him leaving the army was never explained.

  • As the Pacific War wound down, the wartime marriage of convenience between the capitalistic and communist countries was coming to an end.
  • The Snake War wound down after peace talks between George Crook and Snake chief "Weahwewa" had taken place.
  • Partly disabled by a war wound, John Goodwin became a machinist in Virginia's capitol to raise money to restore the family's devastated farm along the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Nye claimed that he encountered men who saw Peta Nocona alive several years after Pease River when he was ill with an infected war wound.
  • After the war, Elliot refused his father's urging to enter the family business, Lawrie and Symington, and instead began a political career after being asked to stand for election while recovering from his war-wound.

  • As the Cold War wound down, new challenges and changes came for the Seabees starting with the increased incidence of terrorism.
  • Eugene died when Hines was six months old due to an operation to remove shrapnel from a war wound.
  • As the Korean War wound down, C-119 Flying Boxcar crews from the 483rd Troop Carrier Wing began supporting French operations in Indochina.
  • In 1971, as part of a program to supply further work to defense contractors as the Vietnam War wound down, the Urban Mass Transit Administration selected Boeing Vertol as systems manager for a project to design a new generic light rail vehicle.
  • The Quasi-War wound down with single-ship actions including USS "Constellation" vs "La Vengeance" and USS "Enterprise" vs "Flambeau".

  • On the surface, the novel is a love story between the protagonist Jake Barnes—a man whose war wound has made him unable to have sex—and the promiscuous divorcée Lady Brett Ashley.
  • In 1898, Chamberlain at the age of 70 and afflicted with his multiple Civil War wound disabilities, offered his services to the nation again volunteering to command US Army forces in the Spanish American War.
  • After growing up in Vienna and attending "Volks- & Hauptschule", he worked as an office intern for three years; in 1940, he was conscripted during World War II, and transferred to a punishment battalion after suffering a war wound in 1941.
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