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PRON1   you | you | your [adj] / yours [pron]
PRON2   thou | thee | thy [adj] / thine [pron]
ye / you
you {pron} [informal]εσύ
you {pl} {pron} [informal]εσείς
2 Words
Bless you! [after sneezing]Με τις υγείες σου!
See you!Τα λέμε!
See you.Τα λέμε.
Thank you!ευχαριστώ
3 Words
unverified Are you kidding?παιδιαρίζεις;
Do you have ... ?Έχετε ... ;
Here you are!Ορίστε!
How are you?Τι κάνεις;
You are welcome!Τίποτα!
You are welcome!Παρακαλώ!
4 Words
any time you wantόποτε θέλεις
How do you do? [plural, honorific plural]Τι κάνετε;
How old are you?Τι ηλικία έχεις;
How old are you?Πόσων ετών είσαι;
How old are you?Πόσων χρονών είσαι;
Nice to meet you.Χάρηκα για τη γνωριμία.
Pleased to meet you.Χαίρω πολύ.
The same to you.Επίσης.
What do you think?Εσύ τι λες;
What do you think?Τι πιστεύεις;
Where are you from?Από πού είσαι;
Would you like to ... ?Θα ήθελες να...;
5+ Words
How do you say ... in Greek?Πώς λέτε ... στα ελληνικά;
What can I do for you?Τι θα θέλατε? [κοιν.]
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Usage Examples English
  • Lead singer Yannis Philippakis stated that the track was about "the amazing energy, the flows you feel when you're in love, or you think you are".
  • If you think you dare not, you don't.
  • Some place might make you laugh. Some place will make you think.
  • You will never achieve righteousness until you spend some of what you cherish. And whatever you give is certainly well known to Allah.
  • "And all the monkeys aren't in the zoo / Every day you meet quite a few / So you see, it's all up to you / You could be better than you are / You could be swinging on a star".
  • It is best to make regular contribution payments if you can.
  • You go wherever I conduct you, songstress though you may be.
  • Moral: Treat others the same way you would like others to treat you. If you give respect, you will get it back.
  • You need not sigh, you can't deny, you've had your bit of cake.
  • "Make Millions" basically has you improving on your business skills until you defeat all other competition, either you defeat them all, or they defeat you.
  • 6. Whom can you count on to console you when you are very upset?
  • You dispute, but what will you achieve if you do not?
  • You eat the fat, you clothe yourselves with the wool, you kill the fatlings, but you do not feed the sheep.
  • "You are an extremely good entertainer. You get the audience with you everywhere and on exactly everything you do".
  • How far will you go to get back something you think is rightfully yours? What will you do when your family's riches are inherited by someone you don't even know?
  • The song is known for its minimalistic lyrics, that consist only of: "They only want you when you're seventeen / When you're twenty-one, you're no fun / They take a Polaroid and let you go / Say they'll let you know, so come on".
  • According to South African President Jacob Zuma "If you do not vote, you are depriving yourself of a freedom we have fought for and given you.
  • Tennant [...] Yeah, absolutely, and if you think you've figured out what that means, you're wrong!
  • Examples: Suppose you bid 2 tricks. If you take exactly 2 you will win 12 points (2+10). If you take only one trick you get 1 point; If you take no trick you lose 10 points.
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