Translation for 'Be careful' from English to Greek
Be careful!Να είσαι προσεκτικός!
Partial Matches
careful {adj}προσεκτικός
to beείμαι
to beυπάρχω
to be scaredφοβάμαι
to be thirstyείμαι διψασμένος
to be honest {adv}ειλικρινά
to be calledλέγομαι
to be calledονομάζομαι
unverified to be doneείμαι έτοιμος/η
to be afraidφοβάμαι
to be wrongκάνω λάθος
to be wrongλαθεύω
beryllium {noun} <Be>
βηρύλλιο {το} <Be>
to be allowed toμπορώ
to be allowed toεπιτρέπεται
to be jealous [of]ζηλεύω
to be on timeείμαι στην ώρα μου
unverified to be supposed toυποτείθεται
unverified to be supposed toυποτίθεται
to be aware ofξέρω
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Usage Examples English
  • Investigators doing "in vitro" work must be careful to avoid over-interpretation of their results, which can lead to erroneous conclusions about organismal and systems biology.
  • According to nutritionists, adults must be careful not to follow a fruit-only diet for too long.
  • Thus one must be careful with the notation when using these functions, because various reputable references and software packages use different conventions in the definitions of the elliptic functions.
  • It is possible for an exchange of emails to form a binding contract, so users must be careful about what they send through email correspondence.
  • Solicitors must be careful when looking at older cases when quantifying a claim to ensure that the award is brought up to date and to take into account the court of appeal case in Heil v Rankin Generally speaking the greater the injury the greater the damages awarded.

  • Claypool also produced and performed on Gabby La La's first album, "Be Careful What You Wish For..."
  • He said, "The crawl is such a hard thing because you have to be careful that you're not using too many words that people don't understand.
  • One must be careful not to over stretch, however.
  • Farmers have to be careful about moisture levels to avoid spontaneous combustion, which is a leading cause of haystack fires.
  • Also proteins are inherently constrained by folding kinetics as well as folding thermodynamics, so one must always be careful in concluding stability from bioinformatic analysis.

  • However, one must be careful with this mode of reasoning because of the third bullet above: universal quantification over uncountable families of statements is valid for ordinary points but not for "almost every point".
  • Post-boot, programs loaded can also call INT 19h to reboot the system, but they must be careful to disable interrupts and other asynchronous hardware processes that may interfere with the BIOS rebooting process, or else the system may hang or crash while it is rebooting.
  • To avoid being caught by a misspelled domain name, internet users should be careful to type in domain names correctly, and should avoid clicking on links that appear suspicious or unfamiliar.
  • As with a set or an overhand pass, the setter/passer must be careful to touch the ball with both hands at the same time.
  • When re-encoding it is necessary to be careful of sequences of error code points which convert back to valid UTF-8, which may be used by malicious software to get unexpected characters in the output, though this cannot produce ASCII characters so it is considered comparatively safe, since malicious sequences (such as cross-site scripting) usually rely on ASCII characters.

  • Keepers should be careful of these "combination" light/ heat and UVa/b generators, they typically emit high levels of UVa with lower levels of UVb that are set and difficult to control so that animals can have their needs met.
  • In "LeChuck's Revenge", the Governor of Phatt Island, Governor Phatt, says in his sleep "Be careful with those snacks, Eugene" in reference to the Pink Floyd song "Careful With That Axe, Eugene".
  • For example, senders must be careful when calculating RTT samples for retransmitted packets; typically they use Karn's Algorithm or TCP timestamps.
  • One must be careful here; for instance, some analyses count an addition of two numbers as one step.
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