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 Translation for 'Bh' from English to Greek
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bohrium {noun} <Bh>
μπόριο {το} <Bh>
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Translation for 'Bh' from English to Greek

bohrium {noun} <Bh>
μπόριο {το} <Bh>χημ.
  • μπόριο {το} <Bh> = bohrium <Bh>
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Usage Examples English
  • Typical is the unconditioned merger seen in the Celtic conflation of the PIE plain voiced series of stops with the breathy-voiced series: *"bh, *dh, *ǵh, *gh" are indistinguishable in Celtic etymology from the reflexes of *"b *d *ǵ *g".
  • In addition to the conventional end-rhyme, it uses internal rhyme ("A bhonnán bh"uí", is é mo léan do l"uí" / Is do chnámha s"í"nte tar éis do ghrinn") – in the Irish language all the italicised elements have the same /i/ sound, a technique characteristic of Gaelic poetry of the era.
  • If bh- became f- in Latin, it would not necessarily do so in Greek.
  • He also posited that the Indo-European voiced aspirates, "bh dh gh", could be better understood as voiceless aspirates, "ph th kh".
  • .bh is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Bahrain. It is administered by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain (TRA).

  • On 23 April, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce opened a virtual mall website called
  • In both Gaelic languages, dubh means “dark”. In Northern Irish dialects and in Scottish Gaelic, the final consonant, pronounced like the Spanish consonant b inter-vocalically and represented by the digraph bh, is elided.
  • All songs were written by famous marathi poet and music also is composed by Saleel Kulkarni.
  • When written, it is spelled with Indonesian-like orthographic conventions. Digraphs such as "zh", "dh" and "bh" are used to record sounds specific to this language.
  • The 29 July 1903 edition caused a scandal when it printed "bh" as an abbreviation of "brystholder" (brassiere) for the first time.

  • In the sixteenth century its name was written as "Bungu" reflecting the ambiguity of b/v/bh in Kikongo.
  • Pingala's order of the gaṇas, viz. m-y-r-s-t-j-bh-n, corresponds to a standard enumeration in binary, when the three syllables in each gaṇa are read right-to-left with H=0 and L=1.
  • "Munja i grom" was presented during a television special on 14 March 2010 entitled "BH Eurosong Show 2010" and hosted by Ilma Ramčević, Gorjan Kalauzović and Nejra Sitnić.
  • The Tongyong Pinyin system also exists in a Taiwanese Hokkien phonetic symbol version, Daighi tongiong pingim, which lacks "f" but adds "bh".
  • " from Proto-Indo-European "*bh(e)rem-" "to project; a point", with an original sense of "thorny shrub" or similar.

  • This affects orthographic l n r when followed by orthographic b bh ch g gh m mh; and orthographic m followed by l r s ch.
  • The character equivalents include: bh = ɓ ; dh = ɗ ; q = ɠ ; ny = ɲ (the French digraph gn is also used); nh = ŋ ; yh = ƴ.
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