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 Translation for 'Ce' from English to Greek
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cerium {noun} <Ce>
δημήτριο {το} <Ce>
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Translation for 'Ce' from English to Greek

cerium {noun} <Ce>
δημήτριο {το} <Ce>χημ.
  • δημήτριο {το} <Ce> = cerium <Ce>
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Usage Examples English
  • Remains from the Umayyad (7th–8th centuries CE) Fatimid (10th–11th centuries CE) Abbasid Crusader and Mamluk (13th–15th centuries CE) eras have also been found here.
  • Marasimha (1050 CE - 1075 CE) succeeded Gonka. He was not very ambitious.
  • ... 1003 CE), also known as "The Catherine of Kashmir" was the ruler of Kashmir from 980 CE to 1003 CE.
  • Archaeological findings from the Princess Point Complex suggest that indigenous peoples grew maize in the region as early as 260 CE.
  • Covelo subsequently represented Tercera División sides UE Cornellà, CE Europa and CE Premià.

  • Talmudic Scholar Gaon (c. 906 CE to c. 1006 CE) wrote that the title Rabbi did not exist until at least 50 CE. Thus, the New Testament references to rabbi are anachronisms.
  • The western excavation revealed pottery vessels from the Early Roman period (1st century BCE to 1st century CE), Byzantine period (4th-7th centuries CE), Ayyubid and Abbasid periods (7th-10th centuries CE) and the Mamluk period (12th-16th centuries CE).
  • Following the death of Avantivarman in 883 CE, a civil war broke out among his descendants resulting in Sankaravarman ruling from 885 CE until his death in 902 CE.
  • Two roads give access to Aracati: CE-040 and CE-123.
  • Other inscriptions from Dhanga's reign include the Nanaora (or Nanyaura) inscription (998 CE) and the Lalaji inscription at Khajuraho (dated variously as 999 CE or 1002 CE CE).

  • Johnsenite-(Ce) is a very rare mineral of the eudialyte group, which is the niobium-analogue of johnsenite-(Ce)).
  • Archaeologists have found Chinese made potteries porcelains and other historical relics from the Southern dynasties (420–589 CE), the Sui dynasty (581–619 CE), the Tang dynasty, the Song dynasty, the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368 CE), the Ming dynasty (1368–1644 CE) and later eras up to modern times on the South China Sea islands.
  • Shivaskanda Satakarni was one of the last rulers of the Satavahana dynasty in India. He succeeded Vashishtiputra Satakarni in 145 CE. His reign is dated variously: 154-161 CE, or 145-152 CE.
  • CE-ATA is electrically and physically compatible with MMC specification. CE-ATA uses MMC connector on host devices and matching flex cable or circuit connection on CE-ATA hard disk drives.
  • The mobile, Bluetooth enabled GPS device MobileMapper CE from Thales provides submeter GPS positions.

  • Before retiring at the age of 36, Roca competed in the lower leagues and his native region, with CE L'Hospitalet, CE Sabadell FC and CE Europa.
  • Kulottunga I (;1025 CE - 1122 CE) also spelt Kulothunga (...), was a Chola Emperor who reigned from 1070 CE to 1122 CE succeeding his cousin Athirajendra Chola.
  • Historically, Bihar has been a major centre of learning, home to the ancient universities of Nalanda (est. ...
  • Many later dictionaries—for instance, the "Guangya" (c. ...
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