Translation for 'Codrus' from English to Greek
NOUN   Codrus | -
Codrus {noun}
Κόδρος {ο}
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Translation for 'Codrus' from English to Greek

Codrus {noun}
Κόδρος {ο}μυθολ.
Usage Examples English
  • According to Pausanias, the town was inhabited by Carians when the Ionian Greeks immigrated there under the guidance of Andræmon, a son of Codrus.
  • The Erythraean Sibyl was the prophetess of classical antiquity presiding over the Apollonian oracle at Erythrae, a town in Ionia opposite Chios, which was built by Neleus, the son of Codrus.
  • Mythographers told that Neleus, a son of Codrus the last King of Athens, had come to Miletus after the "Return of the Heraclids" (so, during the Greek Dark Ages).
  • Melanthus later became a king of Athens, the successor of Thymoetes, succeeded by Codrus.
  • Aristotle, in the "Constitution of the Athenians", presents an alternative view that Codrus was succeeded as king by his sons Medon, and then Acastus.

  • The ancient Greek geographer Pausanias says that Phocaea was founded by Phocians under Athenian leadership, on land given to them by the Aeolian Cymaeans, and that they were admitted into the Ionian League after accepting as kings the line of Codrus.
  • Bowes was staying at Codrus Cottage, above Wanlock Water.
  • Bowes was staying at Codrus Cottage, above Wanlock Water.
  • Sometimes regarded as a subspecies of "Graphium codrus" and sometimes as conspecific with "Graphium empedocles". D'Abrera, 1982: p. 96, places it as subspecies "Graphium codrus empedovana".
  • Antonio Urceo, called Codro ("Antonius Urceus Codrus", 1446, Rubiera–1500, Bologna) was an Italian humanist who taught grammar and eloquence in Bologna (where Nicolaus Copernicus was among his students).

  • Leimone (Λειμώνη) or Leimonis (Λειμωνίς) was, in an Ancient Athenian legend, the daughter of Hippomenes, a descendant of King Codrus.
  • The philosopher Plato was held by his fellow ancient Greeks to have traced his descent to the sea-God Poseidon through his father Ariston and his mythic predecessors the demigod kings Codrus and Melanthus.
  • Philotas of Thebes (...) a descendant of Argonaut Peneleos, followed the expedition of Athenians under the sons of King Codrus, and is said to be the founder of Priene in Ionia.
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