Translation for 'Who is there' from English to Greek
Who is there?Ποιος είναι εκεί;
Partial Matches
there isυπάρχει
who {pron}όποια
who {pron}όποιο
who {pron}ποιό
who {pron}όποιος
who {pron}ποιός
who {pron}ποιά
who {pron}ποιος
there {adv}εκεί
over there {adv}εκεί πέρα
How do I get there?Πώς μπορώ να έρθω;
unverified that is {adv}δηλαδή
sb./sth. is[κάτι/κάποιος] είναι
is about toπρόκειται να
What time is it?Τι ώρα είναι;
What is your opinion?Ποιά είναι η γνώμη σας;
How much is it? {none}Πόσο κοστίζει αυτό;
What is the matter?Τι συμβαίνει;
How much is it? {noe}Πόσο κάνει αυτό;
unverified Athena is the goddess of wisdom, strategy, handicraft and warfare Η Αθηνά είναι η θεά της σοφίας, της στρατηγικής, της χειροτεχνίας και του πολέμου.
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Usage Examples English
  • Postgate and Firmin describe him as "an ordinary engine driver who is there to cope with whatever needs to be coped with".
  • Charlie comes off the stage and speaks to a music agent who is there to evaluate him, but the agent is unimpressed.
  • Whilst at the railway station to meet Anna, Stiva bumps into Vronsky who is there to meet his mother, the Countess Vronskaya.
  • People who are experiencing fear, seek preservation through safety and can be manipulated by a person who is there to provide that safety that is being sought after.
  • The student is presented as a curious but lazy individual who is there primarily to prompt the theologian to recount contemporary stories related to the book's many themes.

  • The child will not explore very much regardless of who is there.
  • Ethan, who is there when she is brought in, meets his cousin as Bianca is already forming a bond with her.
  • She enters her home and begins calling out to see who is there.
  • So who is there left to tell her when she goes too far?
  • She bumps into Yi Joon who is there looking for his mother.

  • Then to his shock, the real Vicky comes home and announces that he never made it to Surat and he did not meet Priti. Goverdhan makes his way to Surat to find out who is there posing as his son...
  • Who is there within China to sympathize with him without?
  • The person inside asks "Who is there?" and only opens the door once the "It's me" from the outside sounds familiar.
  • "Heimskringla" gives Olaf by his marriage a son named Tryggve Olafsson, who is there said to have become king of Ranrike and Vingulmark and to have been the father of King Olaf I of Norway.
  • When Marlowe goes to meet him and be taken to her hiding place, he spots Canino, a gunman hired by Mars, who is there to find Agnes.

  • His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede in His presence except as He permitteth?
  • There they find the old caretaker, Hector, who has innocently prepared everything for the great feast, and a Chinese visitor who is there to offer a job to the magistrate in faraway China, which Philippe politely rejects with the phrase "Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" ("Beware of Greeks bearing gifts"), quoting Virgil.
  • It was written and published after "The God Who Is There" was written but released before that first book.
  • Indeed, the "Ættartǫlur" later twice gives a quite different list of descendants of the Danish Skjöld who is there made a son of Odin as commonly in Norse texts.
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