Translation for 'a quarter to' from English to Greek
a quarter toπαρα τέταρτο
Partial Matches
a quarter pastκαι τέταρτο
quarter {noun}τέταρτο {το}
unverified from A to Zαπό την αρχή ως το τέλος
unverified from A to Zαπό το άλφα έως το ωμέγα
to {prep}εις [καθ.]
to {prep}σε
to {prep}για
to {prep}προς
to {prep}μέχρι
to tend toαποκλίνω προς
to need toπρέπει
to tend toκλίνω προς
due to {prep}λόγω
due to {prep}εξαιτίας
to tend toτείνω προς
to tend toρέπω προς
next to {prep}δίπλα
to want (to)θέλω
so to speak {adv}ας πούμε
unverified to be supposed toυποτείθεται
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Usage Examples English
  • It takes about a quarter to half a year for the sporophyte to mature.
  • Giraffes are the most common food source for the big cats in Kruger National Park, comprising nearly a third of the meat consumed, although only a small portion of the giraffes were probably killed by predators, as a majority of the consumed giraffes appeared to be scavenged. A quarter to a half of giraffe calves reach adulthood.
  • So all I wanted was to grow up to be a guy who could flip a quarter to a nephew."
  • A typical PWR will exchange a quarter to a third of its fuel load every 18-24 months and have maintenance and inspection, that requires the reactor to be shut down, scheduled for this window.
  • 4 billion or a quarter to a half the total cost of caring for people with type 1 diabetes.

  • The WHO recommends giving children under two a quarter- to a half-cup of fluid following each loose bowel movement and older children a half- to a full cup.
  • France, England and Wales use traffic stops at a quarter to a third of the US rate.
  • Frustrated that he had to insert a quarter to use a shopping cart, he jammed a bent coin in so that the machine became inoperable.
  • At a quarter to midnight a paper effigy of the King of the Ghosts is set ablaze, enormous incense sticks are lit and the buns are harvested and distributed to the villagers, who, pleased to be sharing in this propitious good fortune, rejoice late into the night.
  • radius of a furnace in a landscape that was a quarter to a third wooded.

  • However, a quarter to a third of PPCM patients are young women who have given birth for the first time.
  • Broiler breeders fed on commercial rations eat only a quarter to a half as much as they would with free access to food.
  • He left a quarter of his estate to the heirs of his first wife, Carrie G. Hazard, and a quarter to his own heirs, including two sisters, Mary Taft and Abbie J. Lechler.
  • In variolites there are straight or feathery feldspar crystals (usually oligoclase) forming pale-colored spherulites a quarter to half an inch in diameter.
  • The uppercase word "OHIO" can flip a quarter to produce a 90° rotational ambigram when written in serif style (with large "feet" above and below the "I").

  • Till 2016, Visa's credit card market share has risen from a quarter to as much as half in four years.
  • Sid Waddell attributed this defeat to a weight-loss of three stone which he claimed affected Taylor's balance and resulted in him throwing "a quarter to half an inch below the 60 bed".
  • According to the results of the Casey Family Study of Foster Care Alumni, up to 80 percent are doing poorly—with a quarter to a third of former foster children at or below the poverty line, three times the national poverty rate.
  • The flukes are about a quarter to a fifth of the body length in width.
  • said that a quarter to a half of such individuals interpret the Word of Wisdom in variance with the official interpretation by the LDS Church in some manner, and LDS Church leaders have counseled church members that they should not have personal interpretations of, or become extreme in their observance of the Word of Wisdom.

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