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unverified abaftπρος την πρύμνη
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Translation for 'abaft' from English to Greek

unverified προς την πρύμνη
Usage Examples English
  • With the addition of the hangar, the ships lost the originally fitted 3"/50 caliber gun twin mounts that were located abaft the stack.
  • A ringtail a sail which is set abaft (behind) a fore-and-aft sail to increase the total sail area of a sailing vessel in light winds. It may be three or four-sided.
  • The foremast on this type is stepped through the chart house, there are two high ventilators abaft fore funnel and no derricks abeam of the second funnel.
  • The most common configuration of warship with gun turrets on its longitudinal axis severly limits gunfire directly ahead (forward) or abaft (backward).
  • The downward force of the blast, which had wiped out the after engineering spaces, broke the destroyer's keel midships, abaft No.
  • The Luda II was a helicopter destroyer. The gun turrets abaft the aft missile launcher was replaced by a hangar and flight deck for two Harbin Z-9C helicopters.
  • It is hoisted abaft (i.e., directly behind) the mainmast (taking the place of the much larger mainsail) or, on a brig, abaft the foremast.
  • The corresponding preposition is "abaft". For example, the mizzenmast is abaft the mainmast. Its antonym is "before" or, in a more clumsy form, "forward of".
  • Eight Harpoon anti-ship missiles are carried in two quadruple mounts abaft the ship's funnel.
  • °) abaft the beam on the starboard side (the right side from the perspective of someone on board facing forward), a red light from dead ahead to two points abaft the beam on the port side (left side) and a white light that shines from astern to two points abaft the beam on both sides.
  • The mizzen is stepped abaft the stern benches in a shoe on the hog.
  • was in the fore part of the vessel, and, as the bulkhead abaft where she was struck remained intact, the ship was able to float, although the forward compartments were full of water.
  • A Type 285 gunnery radar was mounted on top of the HACS director and a Type 271/73 surface search radar was installed abaft the two-pounder guns on the forecastle.
  • At the same time, a smoking room was erected on the promenade deck immediately abaft the after funnel.
  • "Fishburn" was built at Whitby in 1780. the largest of the three First Fleet storeships. According to her 1786 Deptford survey, she was [...] between decks afore, [...] midships and [...] abaft.
  • One [...] rangefinder was mounted above the open bridge and a [...] searchlight was fitted on a small platform abaft the rear funnel.
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