Translation for 'acceleration' from English to Greek
NOUN   an acceleration | accelerations
SYNO acceleration | quickening | speedup
acceleration {noun}επιτάχυνση {η}
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Translation for 'acceleration' from English to Greek

acceleration {noun}
επιτάχυνση {η}
Usage Examples English
  • A significant feature of the Navier–Stokes equations is the presence of convective acceleration: the effect of time-independent acceleration of a flow with respect to space.
  • Centrifugal acceleration matches the acceleration due to gravity.
  • Proper acceleration contrasts with coordinate acceleration, which is dependent on choice of coordinate systems and thus upon choice of observers (see three-acceleration in special relativity).
  • Longitudinal acceleration has been shown to have a large and complex effect on lateral dynamics.
  • Featuring VGA image capture, 2D graphics acceleration, JPEG support, and MJPEG acceleration. Used in the Samsung SCH-M500 Palm OS based flip-phone.

  • The acceleration is directed inward, toward the axis of rotation.
  • Historically, a distinction has been made between 2D and 3D acceleration.
  • This increases the acceleration caused by the radiation forces because they are acting on less mass.
  • Nixon has also worked into developing a new approach to analyze acceleration in image sequences based on the fact that most approaches to analyzing velocity actually subsume many types of motion.
  • Acceleration can be measured in ratios to gravity, such as g-force, and peak ground acceleration in earthquakes.

  • They included the space acceleration measurement system (SAMS), the microgravity measurement assembly (MMA), the quasi-steady acceleration measurement system and the orbital acceleration research experiment (OARE).
  • Following these assumptions, the method suggests that whenever the acceleration (i.e. ...
  • In non-uniform circular motion the net acceleration (a) is along the direction of [...] , which is directed inside the circle but does not pass through its center (see figure).
  • Where [...] is the acceleration of the runner's body, [...] the forward acceleration, [...] the acceleration of gravity, [...] a proportionality constant and [...] the velocity.
  • In order to make calculations simpler, we assume that the acceleration is constant (in the rocket's reference frame) during the acceleration phase; still, the result is nonetheless valid if the acceleration varies, as long as exhaust velocity [...] is constant.

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