Translation for 'at sign' from English to Greek
NOUN   an at sign | at signs
at-sign {noun} [@]
παπάκι {το}
Partial Matches
sign {noun}σημάδι {το}
at {prep}σε
at {prep}με
at home {adv}κατά οίκον
at once {adv}αμέσως
astatine {noun} <At>
αστάτιο {το} <At>
at home {adv}στο σπίτι
at night {adv}τη νύχτα
at once {adv}ευθύς
at once {adv}διά μιας
at times {adv}ορισμένες φορές
unverified at (the) {prep}στο/στη/στο
astatine {noun} <At>
άστατο {το} <At>
at least {adv}τουλάχιστον
at half past eightστις οκτώ και μισή
at all {adv} [in negative contexts]καθόλου
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Usage Examples English
  • That usage is based upon the French preposition "à" and has evolved into the at sign (@).
  • A test card, also known as a test pattern or start-up/closedown test, is a television test signal, typically broadcast at times when the transmitter is active but no program is being broadcast (often at sign-on and sign-off).
  • 5 FM. At sign on the station was owned by a company known as Wyomedia.
  • The internet chess servers FICS and Internet Chess Club use the at-sign @, as in N@f1 (knight drop at f1), Q@e6+ (queen drop with check at e6) or P@h7 (pawn drop at h7).
  • Annotation type declarations are similar to normal interface declarations. An at-sign (@) precedes the keyword "interface".

  • A documentation chunk begins with a line that starts with an at sign (@) followed by a space or newline.
  • At sign-on, WSHM immediately replaced WFSB on Pioneer Valley cable systems.
  • The @ symbol (at sign) indicates an atom or molecule trapped inside a cage but not chemically bound to it.
  • The hymn "Victory in Jesus" played each morning at sign-on.
  • "telda" (computer), "kurla" (at sign) and "ambætari" (server).

  • This example shows the simplest possible method of matching a VERP to a list subscriber: the entire recipient address is included within the return path, with the at sign replaced by an equals sign because a return path with two at signs would be invalid.
  • The choice of the symbol has been explained by the authors as being concise, readily printed and transmitted electronically (the at sign is included in ASCII, which most modern character encoding schemes are based on), and the visual aspects suggesting the structure of an endohedral fullerene.
  • One example is the requirement for stations to identify themselves, by call sign and community, at sign-on, sign-off, and at the top of every hour of operation.
  • An email address is generally recognized as having two parts joined with an at-sign ("@"), although technical specification detailed in and subsequent RFCs are more extensive.
  • Reflecting the market it aimed to serve, the station played both the United States and Cuban national anthems at sign-on and sign-off; its logo incorporated features of the Cuban flag.

  • The at sign, [...] , is normally read aloud as "at"; it is also commonly called the at symbol, commercial at, or address sign.
  • It was only in 1986 when the station went full-blown "new music" in format with the line-up of The Morning Man or Inggo & his Request Round-Up at sign-on; Cool Carla; Julius Caesar; George Frederick, who was also the Program Director; Fat Albert & his program Rock Wave; and The Ghost.
  • The JID is structured like an email address with a username and a domain name (or IP address) for the server where that user resides, separated by an at sign (...) - for example, “ [...] “: here [...] is the username and [...] the server with which the user is registered.
  • (at-sign) and [...] (colon), possibly in combination as either [...] or [...].
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