Translation for 'boron' from English to Greek
NOUN   boron | -
SYNO atomic number 5 | B | boron
boron {noun} <B>
βόριο {το} <B>
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Translation for 'boron' from English to Greek

boron {noun} <B>
βόριο {το} <B>χημ.
Usage Examples English
  • Many borides and allotropes of boron contain boron B12 icosahedron as a basic structure unit.
  • As elemental boron is not gaseous, neutron detectors containing boron may alternately use boron trifluoride (BF3) enriched to 96% boron-10 (natural boron is 20% 10B, 80% 11B).
  • The metal rich borides contain single boron atoms, B2 units, boron chains or boron sheets/layers.
  • In critical designs, depleted boron consisting almost entirely of boron-11 is used to avoid this effect as a radiation hardening measure. Boron-11 is a by-product of the nuclear industry.
  • Incorporation of a thymidine analogue with boron has been suggested and tried in animal models for boron neutron capture therapy of brain tumors.

  • The name is derived from its boron content (19 to 20% boron by mass).
  • The fields of work were hydrides of the chemical elements beryllium, magnesium, boron, aluminium and other metals as well as phosphorus, boron, silicon and boron nitrogen compounds.
  • Ferroboron (FeB) is a ferroalloy consisting of iron and boron. The metal usually contains 17.5% to 20% boron and is used to produce boron steels.
  • Boron fiber or boron filament is an amorphous product which represents the major industrial use of elemental boron. Boron fiber manifests a combination of high strength and high elastic modulus.
  • Borophene is a crystalline atomic monolayer of boron, i.e., it is a two-dimensional allotrope of boron and also known as "boron sheet".

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