Translation for 'borrow' from English to Greek
NOUN   a borrow [math.] | borrows
VERB   to borrow | borrowed | borrowed
borrowing | borrows
SYNO to adopt | to borrow | to take over | ...
to borrowδανείζω
to borrowδανείζομαι
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Translation for 'borrow' from English to Greek

to borrow

Usage Examples English
  • Corporations with good credit ratings were already able to borrow cheaply with bonds, but those that could not had to borrow from banks at higher costs.
  • The idea is to borrow against the equity value of a property and reposition that capital.
  • Naked short selling is a case of short selling without first arranging a borrow.
  • They can borrow books and take them home.
  • The processor will set the adjust flag if a borrow occurred in the least significant nibble, and the carry flag if a borrow occurred in the most significant nibble.

  • The articles of the company stated that the directors could only borrow if authorised by a resolution of the company's general meeting, and could not borrow more than the amount specified in the resolution.
  • Bentley was an executive producer for "Borrow My Crew" in 2005, in which he allowed one boy, Cory Cole, to borrow the entourage of P.
  • When Eddowes could not afford a bed in a common lodging-house, she typically attempted to borrow money from her sisters or her daughter.
  • With its AAA credit rating, the IBRD can "borrow money cheaply on the international financial markets".
  • Lenro is a book sharing website that connected book readers on the local level so that they could borrow, lend or exchange books with each other.

  • At Credit Leman, Muller witnessed a peasant wanting to borrow 5 francs to buy a scythe because he had nothing and needed to earn money.
  • Shallow borrow pits are located near Mound A. Presumably the Poverty Point people carried dirt from those borrow pits and from elsewhere on the site to build the mound.
  • If the underlying stock is hard to borrow, the hard to borrow premium is reflected in the futures buy price being lower than the stock sale price (a so called backwardation).
  • In the event of a deficit in the current account, Fund members, when short of reserves, would be able to borrow foreign currency in amounts determined by the size of its quota.
  • When making a borrow request, the user is either connected to the server over the network, or with some systems the license can be borrowed via secure file exchange between the disconnected user's system and the server.

  • He says that the interest rate adjusts to maintain equilibrium between the demands for lending and borrowing.
  • Loans are borrowed money that must be repaid with interest.
  • Subtraction is similar, except that borrows, rather than carries, are propagated to the left.
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