Translation for 'clumsy' from English to Greek
ADJ   clumsy | clumsier | clumsiest
NOUN   clumsy | -
SYNO awkward | bunglesome | bungling | ...
clumsy {adj}αδέξιος
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Translation for 'clumsy' from English to Greek

clumsy {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Akari is troubled by learning to work because her fingers are clumsy.
  • Egley always showed great interest in specifics of costume, to which he paid detailed attention, but his paintings were often criticised for their hard, clumsy style.
  • "Danglish" is also used as a pejorative referring to the use of poor and/or clumsy English by Danes.
  • Bane's servant, whose body is disproportionate and causes him to be embarrassingly clumsy. He appears unassuming, but has secrets of his own.
  • These frogs are relatively clumsy and rely on camouflage for defense. They do not move unless touched or molested.

  • Angel Harmon Cavender is assigned to Agnes Grep, a clumsy woman routinely fired from work for her clumsy antics, and tasked with improving her life in 24 hours to earn his wings.
  • Darwin is one of the pirates on Black Seas' Barracuda. He is a very clumsy pirate and sailor.
  • Adults, especially females, rarely jump, look quite torpid and clumsy and can be easily captured with the hands.
  • The language of his poetry seems clumsy, torn as if trying to tell us some deep secret or tonight's dream.
  • In the Peking opera "Havoc in Heaven" (...), based on this episode, Juling Shen is very clumsy in his movements.

  • Lifter (voiced by Paul Tylak) A rover who's strong and sometimes clumsy.
  • The series is focused on clumsy policemen working at a small police station on Warsaw's outskirts.
  • While taking revenge on Buddhi's brother-in-law, Champa criticises Raja. However, she accepts Raja's clumsy marriage proposal.
  • "Scene 3." Pantalone promises his daughter Isabella to doctor Gratiano, because he likes the clumsy fellow, who answers badly and listens even worse.
  • Forced or clumsy rhyme is often a key ingredient of doggerel.

  • Blooper - He's a clumsy clown that does physical comedy. He is also involved in many acts by accident.
  • A lummox is a clumsy or stupid person.
  • Rob: A clumsy kid, the only student Sam ever lost.
  • Bauk ([...] , [...]) is an animal-like mythical creature in Serbian mythology. It has a clumsy gait ("bauljanje"), and its onomatopea is "bau" (...).
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