Translation for 'due to' from English to Greek
due to {prep}λόγω
due to {prep}εξαιτίας
due to sth.λόγω κάτι
Partial Matches
to {prep}μέχρι
to {prep}σε
to {prep}προς
to {prep}εις [καθ.]
to {prep}για
to need toπρέπει
to tend toαποκλίνω προς
to tend toκλίνω προς
next to {prep}δίπλα
to want (to)θέλω
to tend toρέπω προς
to tend toτείνω προς
a quarter toπαρα τέταρτο
unverified to be supposed toυποτίθεται
unverified to be supposed toυποτείθεται
so to speak {adv}ας πούμε
is about toπρόκειται να
to be allowed toεπιτρέπεται
to be allowed toμπορώ
in order toγια να
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Usage Examples English
  • Due to the presence of solvated electrons, these solutions are very powerful reducing agents used in organic synthesis.
  • Asphalt concrete paving is widely used in airports around the world. Due to the sturdiness and ability to be repaired quickly, it is widely used for runways.
  • Although alcohols and amines can be Brønsted–Lowry acids, they can also function as Lewis bases due to the lone pairs of electrons on their oxygen and nitrogen atoms.
  • However they become assistive technology when they are modified to accommodate the needs of people who have difficulty using standard cutlery due to a disabling condition.
  • They were coined before the development of systematic names, and have been retained due to familiar usage in industry.

  • Orwell initially encountered difficulty getting the manuscript published, largely due to fears that the book might upset the alliance between Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union.
  • This means that languages can appear to be more distantly related than they actually are due to language contact.
  • Agassi had several other deep runs at tournaments, but had to withdraw from several events due to injury.
  • He rides on the back of a swan to the land of the Hyperboreans during the winter months, and the absence of warmth in winters is due to his departure.
  • Continued racial discrimination and lynchings, agricultural depression, and the failure of the cotton crops due to boll weevil infestation led tens of thousands of African Americans from rural Alabama and other states to seek opportunities in northern and midwestern cities during the early decades of the 20th century as part of the Great Migration out of the South.

  • Earth's average surface temperature due to its albedo and the greenhouse effect is currently about [...].
  • Due to its location in the eastern Pyrenees mountain range, Andorra consists predominantly of rugged mountains, the highest being the Coma Pedrosa at [...] , and the average elevation of Andorra is [...].
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