Translation for 'especially' from English to Greek
SYNO especially | particularly | peculiarly | ...
especially {adv} <esp.>ειδικά
especially {adv} <esp.>ιδιαίτερα
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Translation for 'especially' from English to Greek

especially {adv} <esp.>

Usage Examples English
  • The bird life is rich, especially during the migration seasons. Ducks, geese and wading birds are especially abundant.
  • Otto is a kitchen staff worker. He doesn't appear to be especially talented nor especially incompetent.
  • Most Catholics in Sweden are of Slavic (especially Poles and Croats), South American or Middle Eastern (especially Assyrian) origin.
  • Arab (mostly Syrian, Lebanese or Moroccan), Chinese, Balkan, Japanese (especially Sushi) and Greek (especially Gyros) restaurants and bars are also widespread in Germany.
  • Three men shaped British foreign policy from 1810 to 1860, with only a few interruptions, Viscount Castlereagh (especially 1812–1822).

  • Recently there has been foreign (especially Chinese) investment in San Quintin for the development of shellfish harvesting and export (especially abalone). A tourist hotel is also planned.
  • Carl is a lover of music—especially classical, and more especially Johann Sebastian Bach—walks, good food, and games of all sorts.
  • After Knudsen returned to Denmark, he concentrated his studies on meteorites, especially iron-rich meteorites where Mössbauer spectroscopy is especially effective.
  • There are numerous prints, especially woodcuts and linocuts, of good quality, especially from the late 1940s and 1950s.
  • In Italy (especially southern and central Italy) it is common for men to kiss men, especially relatives or friends.

  • He also took care for those who worked in the church estates, especially the peasants, whose fate especially lay in his heart.
  • In the Upper Midwest, especially Minnesota, "old-time music" most typically refers to a mixture of Scandinavian styles, especially Norwegian and Swedish.
  • Hare works mainly in oil but uses a variety of material in his pieces, especially discarded items, junk and especially objects that show signs of weathering.
  • In Argentina, [...] is usually prepared with citrus juice and its consumption is increasing throughout the country, especially during the summer months, especially among younger millennials.
  • Peltoauto [...] is a very inexpensive, unregistered and uninspected car especially for minors, or those without a driving permit, to drive in private areas, especially in crop fields.

  • Title case is widely used in many English-language publications, especially in the United States. However, its conventions are sometimes not followed strictly [...] especially in informal writing.
  • Few stores remain open twenty-four hours; the main exceptions to this rule are most Walmarts throughout the country (especially Supercenters, which combine a discount store and full supermarket); many convenience stores, especially those that also sell motor fuel; and some drug stores like CVS, especially in larger cities like New York City and Las Vegas.
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