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SYNO always | constantly | eternally | ...
forever {adv} <4E>για πάντα
forever {adv} <4E>παντοτινά
forever {adv} <4E>διά παντός
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Translation for 'forever' from English to Greek

forever {adv} <4E>
για πάντα


διά παντός
Usage Examples English
  • CBN, our star forever more.
  • The Concordat of Worms and the First Lateran Council changed forever the belief in the divine right of kings to name the pope and bishops and reshaped the nature of church and state forever.
  • The twenty foot long revision of their original 1997 'Forever' is inextricably linked to the artist's earlier trips to Las Vegas, playing with the traditional connotations of the word, as the constantly flashing lights reinforce the idea of 'forever'.
  • Infinite loops are used to assure a program segment loops forever or until an exceptional condition arises, such as an error.
  • The club's motto is "Cannonball forever, forever Cannonball."
  • Lyria's most recent release is the video "Last Forever", released at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, which reminds fans that "the pain won’t last forever" as a way to keep hope for a better future.
  • Later, Rachel visits Megan's tombstone at a cemetery and states: "We are tied forever now, the three of us, bound forever by the story we shared."
  • Elizabeth Kley, “Jack Early Forever and Today,” "Artnet", 2011,
  • With agonism as foundation to Adversarial Design, these affective aspects of critique and commentary in political discourse aim to generate disagreement and confrontation that are forever ongoing and contestation that is forever looping.
  • In 2009 by record producer Keith Yip appreciation, Astor joined Rock in Music and is released another album "forever young.
  • Forever Jones (usually stylized as forever JONES) is a Christian gospel group formed by husband and wife Dewitt and Kim Jones and their five children.
  • In the Torah, the covenant is cited as being compared to salt and is called "a covenant of salt forever" (Hebrew "brith melach olam ברית מלח עולם), or "a statute forever" (Hebrew "chukat olam").
  • The green and gold forever!
  • During his escape, he purportedly yelled "The Republic of Texas forever!
  • She is informed by Hardhead that Jhiaxus cannot be destroyed forever as he is bound to the Dead Universe; she is pleased by this, as it means she has the chance to kill him, over and over, forever.
  • The phrase is parallel to the Irish [...] ('Ireland Forever'), Welsh language slogan [...] ('Wales forever'), the Breton [...] ('Brittany forever') or the Cornish language [...] ('Cornwall forever').
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