Translation for 'good' from English to Greek
ADJ   good | better | best
NOUN1   a good [merchandise, possession] | goods
NOUN2   good [righteousness; benefit] | -
SYNO adept | beneficial | commodity | ...
good {adj}καλός
good {noun} [commodity]αγαθό {το}
good {noun} [commodity]προϊόν {το}
2 Words
Good afternoon!Καλημέρα!
Good evening!Καλησπέρα!
Good luck!Καλή τύχη!
good nightκαληνύχτα
Good night! <Gn8>Καληνύχτα!
good until ... [food]διατηρείται μέχρι ...
good-looking {adj}εμφανίσιμος
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Usage Examples English
  • An ersatz good is a substitute good, especially one that is considered inferior to the good it replaces.
  • In economics, a necessity good or a necessary good is a type of normal good.
  • Sayed Abad district is one of the unsecure districts of Wardak province Afghanistan. It has good climate, good weather, good agriculture, and good water and sanitation system.
  • Ginger Bloke: Good, good Gollum! Good.
  • Iturbide completed his education at Ampleforth College and received a letter of recommendation saying that he was "a good son, a good brother and a good patriot who will use his experiences and riches for God and for good".

  • Then Vaikundar thought of creating good things. Immediately good beings such as 'good people', 'good animals' , 'good birds', 'good reptiles' and 'good plants' appeared.
  • Garut Oranges have a good taste, good coloring, thick skin textures, and good aroma. Crops have been significantly damaged by Citrus Vein Phloem Degeneration (CVPD).
  • The breed is a good farm bird, both a good layer (up to 200 eggs per year) and a good source of meat.
  • Good operating practice is a strategic management term.
  • He notes that good scholars can be poor teachers, and that qualities that make one a good scholar, or a good thinker, are not necessarily the same qualities that make for good leaders or role models.

  • Additionally in 2011, BRITDOC Foundation launched a satellite version of the forum, called Good Pitch² (Good Pitch Squared).
  • The meritorious acts in Islam can be divided into categories - the spiritual good and the moral good.
  • Raised as a Zoroastrian, Guzder's beliefs center on "good words, good thoughts, good deeds".
  • He proposes a radical critique of how the European and American enlightenments helped to constitute what count as good knowledge, good method, good care, and good education through the formation of the very academic disciplines.
  • Good conduct time, good time credit, good time, or time off for good behavior is a sentence reduction given to prisoners who maintain good behavior while imprisoned.

  • In many cultures, whistling or making whistling noises in the morning is thought to attract good luck, good things, or good spirits.
  • Here is a School named Smt. Parvatamma Kerudi Kannada Medium Pvt. School with good campus and good environment which is working for the good education of this village children since 2000.
  • A notable quote from Good Burger, stated by Ed in every sketch, was "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order?" Good Burger was later made into a feature film.
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