Translation for 'guess' from English to Greek
NOUN   a guess | guesses
VERB   to guess | guessed | guessed
guessing | guesses
SYNO conjecture | dead reckoning | guess | ...
to guessμαντεύω
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Translation for 'guess' from English to Greek

to guess
Usage Examples English
  • The team in control is given the first letter of each mystery word and receives five attempts to guess and spell the word.
  • In the event of a tie, Ludden would provide the clues, one at a time, and the teams would buzz in to guess.
  • A correct guess awarded the option to either guess another word or pass, while an incorrect guess gave control to the opponent.
  • Ebert's version of the problem states that all players who guess must guess at the same predetermined time, but that not all players are required to guess.
  • For the player, the game is more flexible, as the game has a larger vocabulary, and there are fewer guess-the-verb and guess-the-noun problems.

  • The object of the game was to correctly guess hidden pictures on a 16-square video wall and to answer general-knowledge trivia questions to earn opportunities to guess.
  • A girl will come to act. Contestants will have to guess the thing. Each contestant will get a streak of 6 things to guess.
  • Before the start of the task, each Battleground Finalist had to guess the price of a car from "", and the closest guess would get an advantage.
  • Each week, the 4 MCs and 4 guest celebrity panelists try to guess the answers given by 50 people/couples who answered a survey.
  • Various other backronyms of "SWAG" have been published, including "sophisticated wild-ass guess", "Silly Wild-Ass Guess", "Semi-Wild-Ass Guess", "Stupid Wild-Ass Guess", and "Scientific Wildly Aimed Guess".

  • For the tiebreaker, the closest guess, over or under, wins.
  • In the first round, the players will have to guess which 'TaKal' got the answer correctly. There are two questions and the player whose guess is right will get 100 points for each.
  • Note the nested element in the algorithm. The guess on every possible value on "sj" is done for each guess on the previous "s'j"-1.
  • Observe that the Babylonian method converges quickly regardless of the initial guess, whereas Method X converges extremely slowly with initial guess "x"0 = 1.4 and diverges for initial guess "x"0 = 1.42.
  • First of all, we have to choose [...] : we can only guess. The better the guess, the quicker the algorithm will perform.

  • Guess the pressure field [...] and get velocity field components [...] and [...] using discretized momentum equation. The initial guess for the pressure may or may not be correct.
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