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NOUN   a men's restroom | men's restrooms
men's restroom {noun} [Am.]ανδρικές τουαλέτες {οι}
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women's restroom {noun} [Am.]τουαλέτα {η} γυναικών
restroom {noun} [Am.] αποχωρητήριο {το} [επίσ.] [παρωχ.]
restroom {noun} [Am.]τουαλέτα {η}
men {noun}άνδρες {οι}
south {noun} <S>νότος {ο}
Laplace's equation {noun}
εξίσωση {η} Λαπλάς
second {noun} <s, sec.>δευτερόλεπτο {το}
dry cleaner's {noun}καθαριστήριο {το}
Let's go!Πάμε!
What's the catch?Πού είναι η παγίδα;
What's the catch?Ποιά είναι η παγίδα;
It's your turn.Είναι η σειρά σου.
What's your name?Ποιο είναι το όνομά σου;
it's [it is]είναι
It's my turn.Είναι η σειρά μου
How's he doing?Τι κάνει εκείνος;
How's he doing?Πως τα πάει; [αυτός]
How's it going?Πώς πάει;
What's up? [Am.] [coll.]Τι κάνεις;
What's up? [Am.] [coll.]Πώς είσαι;
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Usage Examples English
  • 66 percent of trans men feel uncomfortable or unsafe using their preferred restroom.
  • The second floor included the construction of a Men's and Women's restroom so that the audience would not have to walk down the back stairs to get to the first floor public restrooms.
  • At the bowling alley, Yūna wanders into the men's restroom and interrupts a yakuza deal involving fake dolls.
  • This construction leads to a smaller space consumption and thus to more possibilities for water-efficient urination, while promoting more sanitary restroom conditions for men/boys at work/school and elsewhere.
  • In 1960, seven black men from Little Rock used a restroom at Weaver's Amoco in Osborn, where there was only one restroom, which was for whites only.

  • Things go from bad to worse as one of the blind men, in an attempt to find the restroom, accidentally lets himself into the captain's cabin and hits the instrument panel with his white cane.
  • Keith threatens Chris in the men's restroom, terrifying Chris.
  • The pivotal scene in a men's restroom, has recently been cited by poet/director Yoo Ha for informing the basis of a similar scene in his more stylistically baroque "A Dirty Carnival".
  • In the articulated coaches restrooms were split, with the men's restroom in the odd-numbered car and the women's restroom in the even-numbered car.
  • Major League Baseball alumni of note are featured on the wall inside the men's restroom at the Burlington Athletic Stadium in the form of painted jerseys: Manny Ramirez (#22), Jim Thome (#25), Bartolo Colón (#40) and CC Sabathia (#52).

  • Reed was reportedly angry that the men's restroom was out of paper towels.
  • MODOK followed the men into the restroom where he beat them nearly to death as revenge for his murder many years prior.
  • followed the men into the restroom where he beat them to near death as revenge for his murder many years prior.
  • , with an attached men's restroom. There was also a bar and a service room.
  • The storeroom was inside the diner where the men's restroom would later be and said "Private" on it during the 1976–77 season.

  • Dwight is frequently the victim of practical jokes by co-workers Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, including putting his desk supplies in the snack machine, putting his stapler into Jello, and moving his desk into the men's restroom, although it appears that he remains oblivious to Pam's involvement; these pranks tend to exploit his stubborn and gullible nature.
  • Shortly thereafter, Billy mistakes a man for a client in a public restroom and that man stabs him to death.
  • The northbound platform contains doorways that formerly led to men's and women's restrooms, with corresponding marble lintels.
  • In the United States, the Comedy Central television series "South Park" inverted its meaning in a 2014 episode titled "The Cissy", which lampooned the controversy over transgender students' use of school restrooms; in the episode, a restroom initially designated for use by transgender students is later re-designated as "the cissy bathroom" for use by transphobic cisgender students.
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