Translation for 'present' from English to Greek
ADJ   present | - | -
NOUN1   a present | presents
NOUN2   the present [present time] | -
VERB   to present | presented | presented
presenting | presents
SYNO nowadays | present | present tense | ...
unverified present {adj}παρών
present {noun}δώρο {το}
present {noun}παρόν {το}
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Translation for 'present' from English to Greek

present {adj}
unverified παρών

present {noun}
δώρο {το}

παρόν {το}
Usage Examples English
  • The present consists of one’s sensory perceptions.
  • Indeterminate allosauroid material present in the Lower Yellow Cat and Ruby Ranch Members.
  • Romani tenses are, not exclusively, present tense, future tense, two past tenses (perfect and imperfect), present or past conditional and present imperative.
  • The simple present, present simple or present indefinite is one of the verb forms associated with the present tense in modern English.
  • The first upper and lower molars are always present, meaning that all megabats have at least four molars. The remaining molars may be present, present but reduced, or absent.

  • The Pain Clinic roster currently consists of the host "The Cashman" Richie Rich ('98-present) and regular co-hosts Danger Boy ('98-present), "The Artiste" Rob Sanderson ('01-present) and "DC" Dan Cole ('12-present).
  • The specious present refers to the time duration wherein one's perceptions are considered to be in the present.
  • For specific uses of present tense constructions, see the sections below on simple present, present progressive, present perfect, and present perfect progressive.
  • The present tense is the default tense, used to indicate events in the present. It corresponds to the English simple present or continuous present.
  • A verb's full paradigm relies on multiple stems. The present indicative active and the present infinitive are both based on the present stem.

  • 16 officers, 579 enlisted men present for duty; 616 aggregate present; 638 aggregate present and absent.
  • The present tense does not inflect by person because its use as a present tense is a relatively recent trend, as this form was originally used only as the present participle alone; rather than both the present tense verb and present participle.
  • A number of multi-word constructions exist to express the combinations of present tense with the basic form of the present tense is called the simple present; there are also constructions known as the present progressive (or present continuous) (e.g.
  • The fraternities include Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Indiana Alpha; 1892–present), Phi Delta Theta (Indiana Delta; 1860–present, suspended from 2016 to '19), Kappa Delta Rho (Epsilon; 1919–present, inactive from 1972 to '80), Lambda Chi Alpha (Kappa Gamma; 1924–present) and Tau Kappa Epsilon (Rho Upsilon; 1988–present).
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