Translation for 'progressively' from English to Greek
SYNO increasingly | more and more | progressively
progressively {adv}προοδευτικός
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Translation for 'progressively' from English to Greek

progressively {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • Clowne South was progressively left high and dry.
  • The hierarchical system continues and levels have progressively more parallel divisions, which each cover progressively smaller geographic areas.
  • Other stages progressively opened throughout 2010, each stage next to the previous moving progressively towards Pope Street.
  • The Movement Of Reform and Environment Program (MOREP) is a Lebanese political movement organization that was progressively launched through the last decade concerning plans of reform and environment program.
  • The vowel constitutes a sonority peak, and the sonority must progressively rise in the onset and progressively fall in the coda.

  • The less stable calcium polyacrylate chains are progressively replaced by aluminium polyacrylate, allowing the calcium to join the fluoride and phosphate and diffuse into the tooth substrate, forming polysalts, which progressively hydrate to yield a physically stronger matrix.
  • The Début theorem says that the hitting time of a measurable set "F", for a progressively measurable process, is a stopping time.
  • A progressively measurable process, while defined quite technically, is important because it implies the stopped process is measurable.
  • The breech block screw incorporates multiple threaded "steppings" of progressively larger radius and a gap step occupying each circular section.
  • From this it can be seen that the higher frequency components travel faster, progressively stretching out the pulse.

  • It will be constructed in nine packages, all approvals and land acquisition will be progressively completed by March 2025, and the construction will be progressively completed by March 2027.
  • Note how the environments become progressively less "palatal", and the languages affected become progressively fewer.
  • A video is played featuring progressively older photographs and progressively larger descriptive clues given to the identity of a famous person. Guessing the identity of the person earns 10 points.
  • (v) It is progressively elaborated.
  • Because of the war, during the years of conflict the price of coal increased progressively while its quality dropped.

  • Three-dimensional spirangles have layers that slant upward, progressively gaining height from the previous segment.
  • The first section, which is itself the prologue describes the world of a pre-war Bucharest, as narrated by an aging, potentially dying, author while focusing on the improbable and explicitly impossible story of a homeless young man who serves as the stubborn center of progressively more absurd games of Russian Roulette which become progressively more peopled by the wealthy upper-crust of the capital.
  • Oftentimes, the song becomes faster progressively.
  • They found that the spectral partials in piano tones are progressively stretched—that is to say, the lowest partials are stretched the least and higher partials are progressively stretched further.
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