Translation for 'protectionism' from English to Greek
NOUN   protectionism | -
protectionism {noun}
προστατευτισμός {ο}
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Translation for 'protectionism' from English to Greek

protectionism {noun}
προστατευτισμός {ο}εμπόρ.πολιτ.
Usage Examples English
  • Quotas, like other trade restrictions, are typically used to benefit the producers of a good in that economy (protectionism).
  • During the Garcia administration, Kalaw headed the National Economic Protectionism Association, a non-government organization that staunchly promoted economic protectionism and promotion of Filipino businesses and products.
  • In 2004, "The Economist" described Ross as a supporter of protectionism.
  • Kane outlining his beliefs on tariffs, free trade, and protectionism during his 1844 campaign for President of the United States.
  • The infant industry argument is an economic rationale for trade protectionism.

  • he traditional policy of the Whig party from before the Revolution 1688 down to the time of Fox was an extreme form of Protectionism".
  • In 1876, Rossi fought Prime Minister Agostino Depretis' attempts of reducing tariffs and protectionism.
  • He also repeatedly mentioned that he does not believe "in such thing as the invisible hand of the market", called for "healthy economic nationalism - an economy that will be driven by national interests" and stated that some of his legislative initiatives, which are called protectionist, are indeed as such - "yes, this is protectionism, but a protectionism that is beneficial for Ukrainian economy".
  • Aspects of the LIO are challenged internally within liberal states by populism, protectionism and nationalism.
  • As Fletcher was a supporter of protectionism, Rowe received the endorsement of the Hampstead Free Trade League.

  • The Fair Trade League was a British pressure group formed in August 1881 to campaign for protectionism.
  • A large majority of observational studies have found that voters' economic hardships influence their support of protectionism.
  • It was based on the campaign supporting economic protectionism for which an association called "Proteccionismo Economico, Practico y Activo" was organized and simply called PEPA.
  • 9. Establishing economic protectionism policy.
  • The dominant issue in the campaign was the debate between free trade and protectionism.

  • The packages came after a period of intense protectionism and fiscal control, particularly under the administration of Sir Robert Muldoon's National government between 1975 and 1984.
  • The term "food and fiber" is also used to describe a form of economic protectionism consisting of protectionist policies and government subsidies for the nation's own agricultural industry.
  • Caplan believes that the rational irrationality of voters is one of the reasons why democracies choose suboptimal economic policies, particularly in the area of free trade versus protectionism.
  • Further implementation problems have been as a result of what some developing nations may view as green protectionism.
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