Translation for 'strong' from English to Greek
ADJ   strong | stronger | strongest
SYNO firm | hard | impregnable | ...
strong {adj}γερός
strong {adj}δυνατός
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Translation for 'strong' from English to Greek

strong {adj}

Usage Examples English
  • "Great Giana Sisters" has gained a strong cult following over the years, citing its strong soundtrack and unique charm.
  • Figure 1 gives sample Gran plots of a strong base-strong acid titration.
  • Romney has said that strong families are one of his three pillars, along with military and economy, for a strong America.
  • The mountains surrounding the town give shelter from some of the strong winds typical for coastal areas, but the easterlies can be strong with especially strong wind gusts.
  • squamipes" have a larger skull that occupies well-developed supraorbital ridges and lambdoidal crests, giving the mammal great attachments for jaw muscles and a strong bite.

  • Strong verbs form their past tenses by changing the vowel of the stem, a process known as ablaut.
  • As an acting pro wrestler, he uses appropriately strong language, though it is never taken seriously due to his strong lisp.
  • A concentrated solution of this strong electrolyte has a lower vapor pressure than that of pure water at the same temperature.
  • Sometimes, the nuclear force is called the residual strong force, in contrast to the strong interactions which arise from QCD.
  • The development of weak verbs in Germanic meant that the strong verb system ceased to be productive: no new strong verbs developed.

  • Strong harmonic rhythm is characterized by strong root progressions and emphasis of root positions, weak contrapuntal bass motion, strong rhythmic placement in the measure (especially downbeat), and relatively longer duration.
  • During his campaign, O'Grady had strong network of campaign workers, and strong fundraising totals. He received strong support from police officers.
  • The BBFC rates Tash Force as a 15 certificate citing that the film contains strong language, once very strong, and strong sex references.
  • Strong salts or strong electrolyte salts are chemical salts composed of strong electrolytes. These ionic compounds dissociate completely in water. They are generally odorless and nonvolatile.
  • The film's strong political thrust provoked strong reactions among critics and viewers.

  • In Old English, "-es" was the ending of the genitive singular of most strong declension nouns and the masculine and neuter genitive singular of strong adjectives.
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