Translation for 'thus' from English to Greek
SYNO frankincense | gum olibanum | hence | ...
thus {adv} [therefore]έτσι
thus {adv} [therefore]ούτως
thus {adv} [therefore]τοιουτοτροπώς
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Translation for 'thus' from English to Greek

thus {adv} [therefore]


Usage Examples English
  • Matkari notably promoted "art house" theatre. Thus, in 1972, he established "Sootradhar" (सूत्रधार), an institution which has produced thus far 12 "art house" plays.
  • She was the daughter of Cinyras, a king of Cyprus, and thus sister to Myrrha and Amaracus, thus aunt/half-sister to Adonis.
  • Treatments are considered data and thus copyright is not applicable and thus can be made available even from closed access publications.
  • The Swedish settlers thus rebelled against Olof, surrounded his house on the shores of lake Vänern and burnt him inside it. Thus he was sacrificed to Odin, like his ancestor Domalde.
  • He thus prevailed against the president of the Bund der Vertriebenen Bernd Fabritius, MdB, and thus succeeds Johannes Singhammer.

  • The fort of San Andreas was thus delivered into the hands of the Anglo-Dutch and thus the last Spanish stronghold in the Seven Provinces had fallen.
  • In Bao la kujifunza, all seeds are placed at startup, two per pit. Players thus have no seeds in hand, and thus there is no namua phase.
  • Thus, democratization refers to the situation where the rich willingly increase monetary redistribution and thus franchise to the poor in order to avoid revolution.
  • "Goldberg v PJ Joubert" was thus overruled and the decision in the Cape Provincial Division, in "Distillers Corporation v Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery", thus confirmed.
  • Selective and indicated prevention strategies might involve more intensive interventions and thus involve greater cost to the participants, since their risk and thus potential benefit from participation would be greater.

  • Thus, the hexadecimal number 1510,0000 would be "mill-susanton-bong". This first hexadecimal system, proposed in the 19th century, has thus far not achieved widespread usage.
  • Jiujiang had ancient names like Chaisang (...) and Xunyang (...), thus the section of Yangtze River passing Jiujiang was thus named. Today, there is a district called Xunyang District in Jiujiang.
  • Thus ended the New England GL, and thus began the (second) Eastern GL.
  • When the negative particle "ti" is situated in a ‘be thus’ clause the particle "ti" suffixes itself onto the auxiliary in the verb complex of the ‘be thus’ clause.
  • The ring "Z"/"NZ" would thus have a (2"m")th root of unity, namely 8. Also, it can be checked that "ck" < "N", and thus no wrap around will occur.

  • Thus, we can conclude that the dual representation is given by [...] for all [...] The map [...] is again a continuous group homomorphism and thus a representation.
  • Thus [...] has a simple pole at [...] and is thus defined for [...].
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