Translation for 'to break' from English to Greek
VERB   to break | broke | broken
breaking | breaks
SYNO breach | break | breakage | ...
to breakσπάζω
to breakπαραβιάζω
break {noun}διάλειμμα {το}
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Translation for 'to break' from English to Greek

to break


break {noun}
διάλειμμα {το}
Usage Examples English
  • Although they have gained a greater degree of social equality since the civil rights movement, African Americans have remained stagnant economically, which has hindered their ability to break into the middle class and beyond.
  • Wells's literary vision was realized in 1916, when, amidst the pyrrhic standstill of the Great War, the British Landship Committee deployed revolutionary armoured vehicles to break the stalemate.
  • in the US, "BYTE" hailed it as the first computer to break the $1000 per megabyte price barrier.
  • For example, bitter divorce litigation of a client might provide a backdrop for Ally's decision to break up with a boyfriend.
  • This rigid structure requires energy to break down.

  • In 53 BC the Treveri broke their alliance and attempted to break free of Rome.
  • A plough anchor has a fundamental flaw: like its namesake, the agricultural plough, it will dig in but then tends to break out back to the surface.
  • According to the Snowden documents, the NSA is doing research on whether a cryptographic attack based on tau statistic may help to break AES.
  • The field of chemistry uses analysis in three ways: to identify the components of a particular chemical compound (qualitative analysis), to identify the proportions of components in a mixture (quantitative analysis), and to break down chemical processes and examine chemical reactions between elements of matter.
  • After the American Revolution, the parishes in the newly independent country found it necessary to break formally from a church whose supreme governor was (and remains) the British monarch.

  • ] to break. Abacá fiber was once used primarily for rope, but this application is now of minor significance.
  • In the central segment rifting started to break Africa in two by opening the Benue Trough around 118 Ma.
  • Instead of an immune response, the dying cell synthesizes substances to break itself down and places them in a vacuole that ruptures as the cell dies.
  • From 18 February - 26 March 1915, the German army under General Max von Gallwitz attempted to break through the Russian lines in and around the town of Przasnysz, Poland, (about 110 km / 68 miles north of Warsaw) during the Battle of Przasnysz (Polish: ).
  • They were typically older, less willing to break with old loyalties, and often connected to the Church of England; they included many established merchants with strong business connections throughout the Empire, as well as royal officials such as Thomas Hutchinson of Boston.

  • This AT&T work led to a study of telecommunications, which advised the company's top management to break up the company more than a decade before the government forced AT&T to break up.
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