Translation for 'to complain' from English to Greek
VERB   to complain | complained | complained
complaining | complains
SYNO to complain | to kick | to kvetch | ...
to complainγκρινιάζω
to complainπαραπονιέμαι
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Translation for 'to complain' from English to Greek

to complain

Usage Examples English
  • A chain smoker of Toscano cigars and cigarettes, Puccini began to complain of chronic sore throats towards the end of 1923.
  • At the end of April 2017, FAO staff unions addressed the organization's Governing Council to complain about the practice of issuing short-term contracts that "exploit employees without providing job security, social security and paid leave".
  • When Sharkey turned to the referee to complain, he left himself unprotected and Dempsey crashed a left hook onto his foe's chin.
  • She wrote to a number of Goya's friends to complain of her exclusion but many of her friends were Goya's also and by then were old men or had died, and did not reply.
  • Before the concert, Evans placed a camera and a microphone in a corner of Apple's reception area, so that when the police came in to complain about the noise—which was expected—they could be filmed and recorded.

  • In December 2022, "The Telegraph" reported that Andrew had written to the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police to complain about the situation.
  • The use of the footage prompted Kubrick to call Benson to complain.
  • However, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) added him to a "watch list" which provoked an international controversy and led the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to complain personally to the United States Secretary of State Colin Powell at the United Nations.
  • Early in 1522 Las Casas left the settlement to complain to the authorities.
  • He went on to complain of the heavy emphasis given to the consequences of war and that the Chelgrians were too thinly disguised humans.

  • Bart: Hey, I know it wasn't great, but what right do you have to complain?
  • In April 2021, EY's second-year auditor staff in their Barcelona office sent an email to their line managers to complain about the long hours that they had to work, which were sometimes reaching 84 working hours per week.
  • Wicksell said that no would be able to complain if he were able to receive "a benefit which he himself considers to be (greater or at least) as great as the price he has to pay".
  • Rohmer's work was banned in Nazi Germany, causing Rohmer to complain that he could not understand such censorship, stating "my stories are not inimical to Nazi ideals".
  • Thousands of Falun Gong followers wrote to "Guangming Daily" and to the CQRS to complain against the measures, claiming that they violated Hu Yaobang's 1982 'Triple No' directive, which prohibited the media from either encouraging or criticizing qigong practices.

  • Kehoe goes on to complain of Wilson that "he accepted and reprised the idea that the European course of development was paradigmatic for humankind."
  • They may be reluctant to report pain because they do not want to be perceived as weak, or may feel it is impolite or shameful to complain, or they may feel the pain is a form of deserved punishment.
  • In an episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" Murray calls the new station owner at home late at night to complain when the song "Hooray for Captain Spaulding" is cut from a showing of "Animal Crackers" because of the new owners' policy to cut more and more from shows to sell more ad time, putting his job on the line.
  • If it can be claimed that it is ethical to limit the internet and other technology to only users who have the means to use this software, then there is no argument against the way things are at the moment; there is no need to complain if all morality is in effect.
  • John Updike commented: "There would be no need to complain of literary biographies [...] if they were all as good".

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