Translation for 'to lay' from English to Greek
VERB1   to lay | laid | laid
laying | lays
VERB2   to lie | lay | lain
lying | lies
SYNO ballad | laic | lay | ...
to layβάζω
to layαπλώνω
to layαποθέτω
to layτοποθετώ
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Translation for 'to lay' from English to Greek

to lay



Usage Examples English
  • Shortly afterward, the main strength of the Japanese Army began to lay down its arms in surrender per the Emperor's broadcast. The Soviet–Japanese War, and World War II, had come to an end.
  • An audacious plan was formulated whose goal was to lay siege on the Sassanid capital city of Ctesiphon and definitively secure the eastern border.
  • In December 2007, the IPCC received the Nobel Peace Prize "for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change".
  • Side pockets allowed fund managers to lay away illiquid securities until market liquidity improved, a move that could reduce losses.
  • It has the effect of flattening the arch and the solution is to lay the bricks forming the arch at an angle to the abutments (the piers on which the arches rest).

  • Paul wants to bring them back to what he sees as correct doctrine, stating that God has given him the opportunity to be a "skilled master builder" to lay the foundation and let others build upon it.
  • Anglicanism is the most prominent of the Reformation traditions to lay claim to the historic episcopate through apostolic succession in terms comparable to the various Roman Catholic and Orthodox Communions.
  • Chiavazzo "et al." proposed that where cave spiders choose to lay their eggs can be explained through entropy minimization.
  • He arrived in Scotland on 22 July 1650 and proceeded to lay siege to Edinburgh.
  • It is shaped like an inverted mushroom, the head becoming buried in the silt. A counterweight is often provided at the other end of the shank to lay it down before it becomes buried.

  • Cable television has had little success in Africa, as it is not cost-effective to lay cables in sparsely populated areas.
  • Yet Turkey continues to lay preconditions on relations, insisting that Armenia abandon its efforts to have the Genocide recognized, which official Yerevan is not willing to do.
  • A series of rolls and acrobatics (like the cartwheels called aú or the transitional position called negativa) allows the capoeirista to quickly overcome a takedown or a loss of balance, and to position themselves around the aggressor to lay up for an attack.
  • , Duke Ding personally went with an army to lay siege to Cheng in an attempt to raze its walls to the ground, but he did not succeed.
  • and combined with the humor and pathos of Lee's writing to lay the foundation for what became an enduring mythos.

  • Hole and burrow nesting species tend to lay white or pale eggs, while open nesters lay camouflaged eggs.
  • They use asexual reproduction to reproduce quickly and create winged offspring that can colonize new plants and reproduce sexually in the fall to lay eggs for the next season.
  • In November 2011, AMD announced plans to lay off more than 10% (1,400) of its employees from across all divisions worldwide.
  • A heavily modified Churchill used a single-piece bridge mounted on a turret-less tank and was able to lay the bridge in 90 seconds; this bridge was able to carry a 60-ton tracked or 40-ton wheeled load.
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