Translation for 'to the left' from English to Greek
to the left {adv}προς τα αριστερά
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unverified to / on the left {adv}στα αριστερά
Partial Matches
unverified left {adj}έχει μείνει
in the {prep}στο
to the rightπρος τα δεξιά
on the {prep}στον
unverified on (the)στο, σε
unverified at (the{prep}στο/στη/στο
in the afternoon {adv}το απόγευμα
in the morning {adv}το πρωί
make the mostαξιοποιώ στο έπακρο
The bill please!Το λογαριασμό παρακαλώ!
to / on the right {adv}δεξιά
What is the matter?Τι συμβαίνει;
by the way {adv} <BTW>επί τη ευκαιρία
by the way {adv} <BTW>παρεμπιπτόντως
The same to you.Επίσης.
What's the catch?Πού είναι η παγίδα;
the day before yesterday {adv}προχθές
What's the catch?Ποιά είναι η παγίδα;
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Usage Examples English
  • Since there is no function to the left of the left-most x to tell APL what to do with the result, it simply outputs it to the display (on a single line, separated by spaces) without needing any explicit instruction to do that.
  • To the north of the church and to the right of the main entrance to the Abbey, was a residence for distinguished guests. To the left of the main entrance was a building to house poor travellers and pilgrims.
  • Guard shots include the "centre-guard", on the centreline, and the "corner-guards" to the left or right sides of the centre line.
  • That is, at each node of the tree, one may consider the subtree to the left or to the right.
  • At the beginning of retrace, the magnetic field of the coil collapses, causing the electron beam to return to the center of the screen, while at the same time the coil returns energy into capacitors, the energy of which is then used to force the electron beam to go to the left of the screen.

  • When the experiment starts, the message about basketball will be presented to the left ear and non-relevant information will be presented to the right ear.
  • Conversely the equilibrium position is said to be "far to the left" if hardly any product is formed from the reactants.
  • This revolt began with the fall of the Amir Syarifuddin Cabinet due to the signing of the Renville Agreement which benefited the Dutch and was eventually replaced by the Hatta Cabinet which did not belong to the left wing.
  • Atoms to the right of the table tend to gain electrons, while atoms to the left tend to lose them.
  • The clock was originally placed to the left hand side of the channel name though following complaints that this could only be viewed in widescreen, it was moved to the right in February 2007.

  • Bonds hit a pitch from Chris Young of the San Diego Padres just over the wall to the left of straight-away center field for career home run 735.
  • A right-handed boomerang makes a counter-clockwise, circular flight to the left while a left-handed boomerang flies clockwise to the right.
  • aside from it to the right hand or to the left" (i.e. ...
  • When performing the dance, the upper body is kept to the left throughout all figures, follow's body leaves the right side of the lead while the head is extended to follow the elbow.
  • The rightmost digit is the value for the current position, and the result for the subsequent addition of the digits to the left increases by the value of the second (leftmost) digit, which is always one (if not zero).

  • Few of his other paintings resemble this apocalyptic scene of two huge armies dominated by an extravagant landscape seen from a very high viewpoint, which looks south over the whole Mediterranean from modern Turkey to include the island of Cyprus and the mouths of the Nile and the Red Sea (behind the isthmus to the left) on the other side.
  • This space is not compact; in a sense, points can go off to infinity to the left or to the right.
  • A few implementations extend the array to the left as well; this is an uncommon feature, and therefore portable brainfuck programs do not depend on it.
  • Most consonants do connect to the left with " [...] ", " [...] " and " [...] " written then with their medial or final form.
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