Translation for 'to wit' from English to Greek
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unverified to witγνωρίζω
unverified wit {noun}μυαλό {το}
wit {noun}πνεύμα {το}
wit {noun}νοημοσύνη {η}
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Translation for 'to wit' from English to Greek

to wit
unverified γνωρίζω

wit {noun}
unverified μυαλό {το}

πνεύμα {το}

νοημοσύνη {η}
Usage Examples English
  • The convergence is uniform on closed and bounded (that is, compact) subsets of the interior of the disc of convergence: to wit, it is uniformly convergent on compact sets.
  • D'Enghien was found guilty of being in violation of Article 2 of a law of 6 October 1791, to wit, "Any conspiracy and plot aimed at disturbing the State by civil war, and arming the citizens against one another, or against lawful authority, will be punished by death."
  • Thematic verbal roots are those with an "-a" in the vikaraṇapratyaya, to wit, roots belonging to the 1st, 4th, 6th and 10th conjugation classes.
  • A publication by Giraud's own American publisher, and therefore not only an American original, but also a typical company release, to wit a limited, collector's edition intended for sale at comic conventions.
  • The cassette single made more references to sexual intercourse. To wit, the instrumental mix was dubbed "The Condom Mix" on the cassette single.

  • This analysis, based on Maxwell's equations, showed fractal antennas offer a closed-form and unique insight into a key aspect of electromagnetic phenomena. To wit: the invariance property of Maxwell's equations.
  • The strategic position, to wit the high bank of the Waal offering an unimpeded view far into Germania Transrhenana (Germania Beyond the Rhine), was recognized first by Drusus, who built a massive fortress ("castra") and a headquarters ("praetorium") in imperial style.
  • It did not appear in the literature until used in 1887 by schoolmaster Hermann Schiller in a two-volume handbook on the Roman Empire ("Geschichte der Römischen Kaiserzeit"), to wit: "die diokletianische Tetrarchie".
  • In such a case, a court will accept an affidavit from the filing attorney in support of the motion, as certain assumptions are made, to wit: The affidavit in place of sworn testimony promotes judicial economy.
  • The different sexes were “to dwell in separate habitations, to wit the said abbess and sisters within one court by themselves and the said confessor and brothers in a separate court by themselves, within the same monastery”.

  • The format of the shadow file is simple, and basically identical to that of the password file, to wit, one line per user, ordered fields on each line, and fields separated by colons.
  • Canada-as-project can be analyzed as the implantation and expansion over a heterogeneous terrain of a certain politico-economic logic—to wit, liberalism."
  • Iran reserves a fixed number of seats in the Majlis for certain recognized non-Muslim ethnoreligious groups. To wit, two seats are reserved for the Christian Armenian community, and one seat each is reserved for the Assyrian and Chaldean Catholic, Jewish, and Zoroastrian communities.
  • Jones, to wit: "Scientific acumen applied with art in the cause of freedom".
  • takes distinct forms only in the 3rd person (and 2nd person formal address) dative and accusative, to wit, [...].

  • More generally, every continuous translation invariant continuous linear operator on "L'p" for 1 ≤ "p" < ∞ is the convolution with a tempered distribution whose Fourier transform is bounded. To wit, they are all given by bounded Fourier multipliers.
  • The first third-party "Blueberry" interpretation series was launched with much fanfare and has seen several translations &ndash; albeit in far less languages that the three origin series &ndash;, to wit in German, Spanish and Dutch.
  • "Scilicet" can be read as "namely," "to wit," or "that is to say," or pronounced [...] in English-speaking countries, or also anglicized as [...].
  • As a consequence, a notion of connectedness can be formulated independently of the topology on a space. To wit, there is a category of connective spaces consisting of sets with collections of connected subsets satisfying connectivity axioms; their morphisms are those functions which map connected sets to connected sets [...].
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