Translation for 'whale' from English to Greek
NOUN   a whale | whales / [collectively] whale
VERB   to whale | whaled | whaled
whaling | whales
SYNO giant | heavyweight | hulk | ...
whale {noun}φάλαινα {η}
blue whale {noun} [Balaenoptera musculus]
γαλάζια φάλαινα {η}
whale shark {noun} [Rhincodon typus]
φαλαινοκαρχαρίας {ο}
whale-headed stork {noun} [Balaeniceps rex]
φαλαινοκέφαλος {ο}
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Usage Examples English
  • The American Princess is the only whale watching vessel in New York to be certified by WHALE SENSE a division of NOAA that regularly tests and certifies boats and crews in safe whale watching practices.
  • Whale barnacles may live for up to a year, and often slough off along migration routes or at whale calving grounds.
  • These cephalopods are predated by Northern bottlenose whale ("Hyperoodon ampullatus"), Sperm whale ("Physeter macrocephalus"), Blue shark ("Prionace glauca"), Swordfish ("Xiphias gladius") and Cuvier's beaked whale ("Ziphius cavirostris").
  • The humpback whale is a mammal that belongs to the baleen whale suborder.
  • The production crew wanted to use the animatronic whale from the then-recent film "Free Willy" for the scene at the beach.

  • This barnacle is exclusively found attached to the skin of whales, almost always to the gray whale ("Eschrichtius robustus"), but occasionally it has been found on the killer whale ("Orcinus orca") and the beluga whale ("Delphinapterus leucas)".
  • In September 1931, a large whale was beached in Rockstown Bay.
  • Whales that have been observed in the area include the pilot whale, false killer whale, sei whale, bryde's whale and humpback whales.
  • Northern right whale dolphins are encountered fairly often by responsible whale watching companies operating off Monterey.
  • The bay frequently plays host to the Bryde's whale.

  • "Eschrichtius" is a genus of baleen whale containing two species: the gray whale ("E. robustus") and the extinct Akishima whale ("E. akishimaensis").
  • During the chase, Moby Dick destroys two whale boats in succession, drowning their crews.
  • A male southern resident killer whale of J pod was named after Bigg, having been born in the year Bigg died.
  • The four species of the Balaenidae are found in temperate and polar waters; "Eubalaena glacialis" (North Atlantic right whale), "Eubalaena japonica" (North Pacific right whale), "Eubalaena australis" (southern right whale), and "Balaena mysticetus" (bowhead whale).
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