Translation for 'whose' from English to Greek
PRON1   who | whom | whose
PRON2   which | which | whose
whose {pron}του οποίου
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Translation for 'whose' from English to Greek

whose {pron}
του οποίου
Usage Examples English
  • There are four houses – Lockhart (whose colour is Red), Morrison (whose colour is Yellow), Steele (whose colour is Purple) and Thomson (whose colour is Blue) – which are named after the first four rectors of the school.
  • This list includes only those whose main Wikipedia article includes the titular 'Ritter' in the article name.
  • The American College Counseling Association (ACCA) is a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA) for individuals whose professional identity is in counseling, whose work setting is higher education, and whose purpose is fostering students’ development.
  • A uniform 7-polytope is one whose symmetry group is transitive on vertices and whose facets are uniform 6-polytopes.
  • This is distinct from an official disciplining, whose mouthpiece is a judge or other like superior, whose object is the punishment of one found to be guilty, and whose motive is not so directly the individual advantage of the offender as the furtherance of the common good.

  • Dalsinghsarai is a sub-division whose sub divisional officer is Ms.Priyanka kumari, a Anchal whose Anchal Adhikari is Mr.Vijay Kumar Tiwari, a block whose block developing officer is Mr.Shashi Bhushan and a city council whose chairman is Mrs.Abha Sureka.
  • British soldier whose parents were born in German-ruled Silesia and whose brother is in the German army.
  • There are two portraits of Lady Desmond whose provenance is provisionally confirmed and a third whose authenticity is less well-settled.
  • Infield is a sports term whose definition depends on the sport in whose context it is used.
  • Village Teegaon has a Gram Panchayat, whose Sarpach is Domuji Warthi.

  • The inanimate "whose" refers to the use in English of the relative pronoun "whose" with non-personal antecedents, as in: "That's the car "whose" alarm keeps waking us up at night."
  • Whose Skill no Pride did spot whose Life no Blame.
  • Whose fcet, whose bodies, do ye wear?
  • (3b) "*Whose does Susan have car?" - The interrogative determiner "whose" cannot be wh-fronted away from its head "car".
  • Sharp", whose music was composed and whose lyrics were written by Ryan Scott Oliver, and whose book was written by Kirsten A.

  • The actors did their own singing, except for Lucille Ball, whose singing was dubbed by Gloria Grafton; Virginia Weidler, whose singing was dubbed by Jeanne Darrell; and Jack Jordan, whose singing was dubbed by Ralph Blane.
  • The possessive form of "who" is "whose" (for example, "the man whose car is missing"); however the use of "whose" is not restricted to persons (one can say "an idea whose time has come").
  • Karašica is a river in eastern Croatia whose length, combined with its tributary Vučica is [...] , and whose basin covers [...].
  • Only four prime ministers are known to have been at least partly of non-Anglo-Celtic descent: Chris Watson, whose father was a German Chilean; Harold Holt, whose maternal grandmother was German; Malcolm Fraser, whose maternal grandfather was a Jewish New Zealander; and Anthony Albanese, whose father was Italian.
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