Translation for 'yoke' from English to Greek
NOUN   a yoke | yokes
VERB   to yoke | yoked | yoked
yoking | yokes
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yoke {noun}ζυγός {ο}
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Translation for 'yoke' from English to Greek

yoke {noun}
ζυγός {ο}
Usage Examples English
  • 321.2 Yoke lutes or lyres - The strings are attached to a yoke which lies in the same plane as the sound-table and consists of two arms and a cross-bar.
  • Another version holds that the motto comes from the proverb "Tanto monta cortar como desatar" ("It amounts to the same, cutting as untying"), from the Classical story of the Gordian knot where Alexander the Great, wanting to untie the knot of a sacred yoke at Gordion to fulfill the prophecy of the conquest of Asia, decided to cut it with his sword.
  • Most instruments are suspended or supported by a U-shaped yoke, fixed at two points to the sides of the instrument, providing an axis of rotation.
  • Wooden staves can be used instead with a yoke, which is then termed a withers yoke, named after animals with high backs (withers) (e.g.
  • Either the operator is alerted when a mistake is about to be made, or the poka-yoke device actually prevents the mistake from being made.

  • The name 'Yoxford' comes from Old English "geoc-ford" meaning 'yoke ford' probably indicating that the ford was wide enough for a yoke of oxen to pass through.
  • Yoke valves are rated between 200 and 240 bar, and there does not appear to be any mechanical design detail preventing connection between any yoke fittings, though some older yoke clamps will not fit over the popular 232/240 bar combination DIN/yoke cylinder valve as the yoke is too narrow.
  • A "withers yoke" is a yoke that fits just in front of the withers, or the shoulder blades, of the oxen.
  • One verse includes the words "I'll take this yoke upon me".
  • To send (an enemy) under the yoke (...) was a practice in ancient Italy whereby defeated enemies were made to pass beneath a yoke constructed of spears either to humiliate them or to remove blood guilt.

  • The name "Iga vas" is believed to be connected with the Slovene common noun "igo" 'yoke', referring to the layout of the village in the 18th century. If so, the name literally means 'yoke village'.
  • Breeching is not normally used for oxen in yokes, where braking is provided by pulling back on the yoke or girth (depending upon the type of yoke).
  • A double Cardan joint consists of two universal joints mounted back to back with a centre yoke; the centre yoke replaces the intermediate shaft.
  • The name Yoxall probably comes from Anglo-Saxon [...] = "yoke's nook" = "secluded piece of land small enough to be ploughed by one team of oxen, or providing feed for a yoke of oxen".
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