Translation for '.ug' from English to Hungarian
Uganda {noun}
Uganda <.ug>
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Translation for '.ug' from English to Hungarian

Uganda <.ug>
Uganda {noun}föld.
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  • Kathara Area of Central Coalfields Limited operates the following collieries in East Bokaro Coalfield: Kathara OC, Jarangdih OC, Jarangdih UG, Swang OC, Swang UG and Govindpur UG.
  • Bruno Gmünder Verlag became insolvent in 2017, and the Spartacus brand was sold to Berlin-based GayGuide UG. GayGuide UG ceased publication of the print guide, focusing instead on the Spartacus app and website.
  • Kathara Area of Central Coalfields Limited operates the following collieries of East Bokaro Coalfield: Kathara OC, Jarangdih OC, Jarangdih UG, Swang OC, Swang UG and Govindpur UG.
  • It has recently started its UG education in 2015 with 20 seats. The number of seats in ug is 40 in the year 2021.

  • An example of the absence of nonmembers is the problem of the poverty of the stimulus in language learning by the child: children learning the language do not hear or make errors in the rules of Universal Grammar (UG). Hence they never get corrected for errors in UG. Yet children's speech obeys the rules of UG, and speakers can immediately detect that something is wrong if a linguist generates (deliberately) an utterance that violates UG. Hence speakers can categorize what is UG-compliant and UG-noncompliant. Linguists have concluded from this that the rules of UG must be somehow encoded innately in the human brain.
  • In September 2004 UG Land was stripped of almost all of its attractions including The UG Bugs, The Bone Shaker and Lava Lump preparing for a major new ride. The only rides that remained were the Corkscrew and the UG Swinger.
  • Research on universal grammar (UG) has influenced second-language acquisition (SLA) theory, and interlanguage scholarship has sought to demonstrate that learner languages conform to UG throughout development. Interlanguage UG differs from native UG in that interlanguage UGs vary in mental representations from one L2 user to another. This variability arises from different relative influences on the interlanguage UG, such as existing L1 knowledge and UG constraints. An example of a UG constraint is an island constraint, where the "wh"-phrase in a question has a finite number of possible positions. Island constraints are based on the concept that syntactical domains in a sentence act as phrase boundaries, and it is theorized that the same constraints on a native UG are often present in an interlanguage UG.
  • In the US, the EPA set criteria which recommends that nonylphenol concentration should not exceed 6.6 ug/L in fresh water and 1.7 ug/L in saltwater.
  • .ug is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Uganda.

  • United Group for Publishing Advertising and Marketing (UG) (...) also known as "United Group (Syria)" or "United Group (UG)", is the largest private sector media group in the Syria.
  • As of 2015–16, there was no production from Bhanora UG mine, Girmint/KDI UG mine and Sripur UG mine. In Sripur Seam Incline UG mine, Rana (R-V) seam was being worked manually. In Ningha UG mine, Dishergarh (R-IV) seam was being worked by board and pillar method. There was no production from Mithapur West UG mine and OC patch. In Satgram UG mine, R-IV and R-III seams were being worked.
  • The Building has 3 basement parking floors, 2 Open Shopping Mall namely Lower Ground (UG) and Upper Ground (UG) and 19 Commercial Floors.
  • The Institution runs UG and PG courses in various specialities. Intake for MBBS was initially 100 annually and had been increased to 150 per annum since 2017. Admissions are through NEET UG.
  • After the election failure, UG joined the BNG in 1994. On the 20 of September 2003 UG decided to disappear as a political party and became an "opinion current" inside the BNG.

  • Other areas from Ennore include Manali with 156 ug/m3, Sivanpadaiveethi Kuppam with 156. 90 ug/m3 and Kodingayur with 154.90 ug/m3 which is all considered very unhealthy according to the US Environment Protection Agency.
  • Projects in the Kuju Area of Central Coalfields Limited (as in 2015) were: Surubera Underground and Open Cast, Ara OC, Kuju UG, Topa UG & OC, Pindra UG & OC, Pundi OC and Karma OC.
  • Projects in the Argada Area of Central Coalfields are: Gidi A OC, Gidi C OC, Religara OC & UG, Sirka OC, Sirka UG, Argada UG and Gidi Washery.
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