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 Translation for 'B♭' from English to Hungarian
született {adj} {past-p} <szül.>born <b.>
{noun} <B♭>
B flat <B♭>
bór {noun} <B>
boron <B>
bájt {noun}
byte <B>
bébé {noun} <Bbb>
B double flat <Bbb>
hiszisz {noun} <Bx>
B double sharp <Bx>
forráspont {noun}
boiling point <b.p.>
születési idő {noun}date of birth <DOB, d.o.b.>
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  • b <B♭> = B flat <B♭>
  • bór <B> = boron <B>
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Usage Examples English
  • The larvae feed on "Betula" species, including "B. verrucosa", "B. pubescens", "B. nana" and "B. pendula".
  • Several federal highways cross the rural district of Goslar. These include the B 4, B 6, B 6n, B 82, B 241, B 242 and B 498.
  • Two subspecies are recognized: "B. b. baska" (Gray, 1831) and "B. b. ranongensis" (Nutaphand, 1979).
  • Since the 1980s, the most popular tunings among kokles players for 11-stringed kokles are G-A-C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C (GA) and G-A-C-D-E-F-G-A-B♭-C (GA-b♭).
  • The college has undergraduate courses B.B.A., B.Sc., B.A. and B.Com. It also has B.C.A.

  • A similar arrangement, but without separate traction motors for each axle, would be a B′B′B′ arrangement as UIC, indistinguishably B-B-B in AAR.
  • The couple has five children: Maria-Olympia (b. 1996), Constantine-Alexios (b. 1998), Achileas-Andreas (b. 2000), Odysseas-Kimon (b. 2004), and Aristidis-Stavros (b. 2008).
  • "(B+B-B+B)+(B+B-B+B)" means there are 2 units, each with 4 trucks in a B+B-B+B wheel arrangement. An example was the Virginian Railway's EL-2B electric locomotives.
  • Some botanists divide "B. maritima" into five species, with "B. californica", "B. fruticosa", "B. spinosa" and "B. vermiculatus" split off, but this interpretation is not widely followed.
  • The genus "Belinurus" is composed by the species "B. trilobitoides" (the type species), "B. lacoei", "B. silesiacus", "B. sustai" and the dubious species "B. iswariensis", "B. kiltorcanensis". "B. metschensis" and "B. stepanovi".

  • Other larger and smaller variants include the B.Delta25, B.Delta43, B.Delta64, B.Delta82 and B.Delta210.
  • This enzyme is present in many Bacillus species, including B. subtilis, B. amyloliquefaciens, B. megaterium, B. mesentericus, B. cereus and B. stearothermophilus.
  • Banu Humaydah trace their origin to Humaydah b. al-Harith b. Awf b. Amr b. Sa'd b. Thailbh b. Kinanah b. Bariq . They lived in Bareq with the other Bariq tribes, Al-Musa ibn Ali, Al- Isb'ai and Al-Jabali.
  • The species is closely related to "B. cestriflora", "B. stachyoides", "B. tubiflora", and "B. hatschbachii".
  • Five reviewers for IndieWire gave the film grades of B+, B-, B+, B, and B. The review aggregator Metacritic score is 63/100, based on 12 reviews.

  • The federal roads B 2, B 6, B 87, B 181 and B 184 lead through the city area.
  • In 1950 Mäkinen married Raili Kymäläisen. They had five children: Arja (b. 1951), Pirjo (b. 1952), Reijo (b. 1954), Marjo (b. 1960) and Merja (b. 1961).
  • Ismāʿīl b. ʿAlī b. Maḥmūd b. Muḥammad b. ʿUmar b. Shāhanshāh b. Ayyūb b. Shādī b. Marwān (...), better known as Abū al-Fidāʾ or Abulfeda ([...]; November 1273 [...] 27 October 1331), was a Mamluk-era geographer, historian, Ayyubid prince and local governor of Hama.
  • There is a hierarchy that can be expressed by two branches and its nested order: "B"3 ⊂ "B"2 ⊂ "B"; "B"1 ⊂ "B".
  • Consider A, B and C to be "n"/"b"-by-"n"/"b" matrices of "b"-by-"b" sub-blocks where b is called the block size; assume three "b"-by-"b" blocks fit in fast memory.

  • Presently it offers undergraduate programmes in B.Sc., B.A., B.B.A., B.Com. & B.Ed. and the medium of instruction is English.
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