Translation for 'back of the hand' from English to Hungarian
kézfej {noun}
back of the hand
Partial Matches
tarkó {noun} [occiput]back of the neck
visszaadto hand back
unverified vállveregetés {noun}pat on the back
jobbra {adv}on the right-hand side
jobboldalt {adv}on the right-hand side
jobb oldalon {adv}on the right-hand side
a bal oldali {adv}on the left-hand side
bűvészmutatvány {noun}sleight of hand
közelharc {noun}hand-to-hand combat
közelharc {noun}hand-to-hand fighting
asztali {adj}of the table
középen {adv}in the middle (of)
avégett {prep}for the purpose of
Farkasok órája [Ingmar Bergman]
Hour of the Wolf
kartörés {noun}
fracture of the arm
égtáj {noun}point of the compass
világvége {noun}end of the world
holdfogyatkozás {noun}
eclipse of the moon
napfogyatkozás {noun}
eclipse of the sun
bélrák {noun}
cancer of the intestine
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Usage Examples English
  • Katar dating back to this period often had a leaf- or shell-like knucklebow curving up from the top of the blade to protect the back of the hand.
  • Furthermore, racing gloves may and often do incorporate additional wrist and other protection panels to protect the heel of the hand, back of the hand and other easily injured parts of the hand.
  • This includes tricks such as headrolling and the butterfly, the trick of rolling the ball from the palm to the back of the hand via the fingertips.
  • Wrist spin is bowled by releasing the ball from the back of the hand, so that it passes over the little finger.
  • The fingertips of her right hand rested upon the back of the hand of one "controller."

  • In anatomy, the radial veins are paired veins that accompany the radial artery through the back of the hand and the lateral aspect of the forearm.
  • The backhand is a shot used in most racket sports, such as tennis and pickleball, where the back of the hand precedes the palm when swinging the racket.
  • Skin can also be used from the back of the hand by mobilizing it (called a "graftless" syndactyly correction), which requires planning over a period of months prior to surgery.
  • The "kohen" (priest) then dips the remaining bird and other items into the bloodied water and sprinkles the "metzora" (the afflicted) seven times on the back of the hand.
  • A demi-gaunt is a type of plate armour gauntlet that only protects the back of the hand and the wrist: demi-gaunts are worn with gloves made from chain mail or padded leather.

  • The long tendons that deliver motion from the forearm muscles may be observed to move under the skin at the wrist and on the back of the hand.
  • Another way to "taste" grappa is by rubbing a small amount on the back of the hand and sniffing.
  • It extends the wrist, which means it moves the back of the hand toward the back of the forearm.
  • Forehand strokes are hit with the front of the hand leading (like hitting with the palm), whereas backhand strokes are hit with the back of the hand leading (like hitting with the knuckles).
  • Some practitioners, such as members of ISKCON, may carry their malas in larger pouches which hang from the back of the hand and allow the mala to be manipulated while it is being used without it being significantly exposed to public view or risking contact with the ground.

  • A non-ritual hand-kiss can be initiated by the lady, who would hold out her right hand with the back of the hand facing upward; or by the gentleman extending his right hand with the palm facing upward to invite the lady to put her right hand lightly on it facing downward.
  • According to Henry Gray's estimates, the palm has around 370 sweat glands per cm2; the back of the hand has 200 per cm2; the forehead has 175 per cm2; the breast, abdomen, and forearm have 155 per cm2; and the back and legs have 60–80 per cm2.
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