Translation for 'tzar' from English to Hungarian
NOUN   a tzar | tzars
SYNO czar | tsar | tzar
cár {noun}
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Translation for 'tzar' from English to Hungarian

cár {noun}tört.
Usage Examples English
  • He was famous for writing "The Talmud and the Jews" (Талмуд и евреи), for which he was awarded by the tzar and his officials.
  • It was established in 1615, by the employer Mikhail Guriev, who applied the decree to tzar Mikhail Fedorovich for a monopoly in the mouth of Ural to fish sturgeons.
  • Locally he is sometimes referred to as "the priest who may have been a tzar".
  • Tsar, or tzar, csar, or czar, is a title used for monarchs or supreme rulers of Eastern Europe and Russia.
  • The events initiated the time of social unrest known as the Time of Troubles, and the tzar Boris Godunov was overthrown in part owing to the social impacts of the famine.

  • Ivan Andreevich was a member of prominent Tolstoy family, son of Andrey Vasiliyevich Tolstoy and Solomonida Miloslavskaya, older brother of Pyotr Andreyevich Tolstoy, distant relation of Maria Miloslavskaya (first wife of tzar Aleksey Mikhailovich).
  • The northern border of Adamovićevo Naselje is Futoška ulica (Futoška Street), the eastern borders are Ulica Vojvode Knićanina (Vojvoda Knićanin Street) and Ulica Kola srpskih sestara (Kolo srpskih sestara Street), the southern border is Bulevar cara Lazara (Boulevard of tzar Lazar), and the western border is Bulevar Evrope (Boulevard of Europe).
  • Before the World War II the Grand National Assembly was also competent in electing the Regency of the Bulgarian Kingdom if the tzar had not come to age.
  • On 8 April 1942 the Bulgarian tzar Boris III visited her.
  • He supported a political union with Muscovy in 1584–1600 and led the diplomatic mission to Moscow in 1600 that proposed the union to tzar Boris Godunov, who declined the proposal.

  • Čardaklija advised them to petition the Russian tzar since he would be more inclined on supporting them.
  • He was acknowledged as official Sheikh ul-Islam of the Caucasus in 1915 by tzar.
  • After a defeat suffered by Russian troops from Ottoman Empire during Pruth River Campaign, the Russian tzar had to sign Treaty of the Pruth, returning Azov to Turkey and destroying Taganrog.
  • "Cesar", the name of both the Cesar River and the Cesar Department, is an adaptation from the Chimila word "Chet-tzar" or "Zazare" ("calm water") into Spanish.
  • With regard to this is the interpretation of Stefan Chureshki in his publication "The list of Bulgarian princes", where he talks about a tzar’s inscription from 1281 found near Vardun.

  • In 1975, the new ferroconcrete bridge was built, and it was named "Grinevsky Bridge", after Ignacy Hryniewiecki - the assassin of Tsar Alexander II of Russia, who threw the bomb into tzar's cart near the location of the modern bridge.
  • Tsar also czar, tzar, csar, and zar (Russian: царь [...] , English [...] : from Latin "Caesar").
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