Translation for 'validate' from English to Hungarian
VERB   to validate | validated | validated
validating | validates
SYNO to corroborate | to formalise | to formalize | ...
jóváhagyto validate
érvényesítto validate
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Translation for 'validate' from English to Hungarian

to validate

Usage Examples English
  • Note that the checksum digit is not in the final 5 digits, and is not intended to validate the 5 digit data, but rather to validate the reading of the EAN-5 overall.
  • This NVDL schema will validate the parts that use the XHTML 1.0 namespace with a RELAX NG schema, validate the parts that use the SVG 1.0 namespace with a Schematron schema, and reject the document as invalid if it encounters elements with any other namespace.
  • The data collected at ZPPR has been used regularly by nuclear reactor designers as a means to validate computer simulations.
  • The second pillar of Basel II includes a backtesting step to validate the VaR figures.
  • The requirements to validate your principal residence vary and depend on the agency requesting verification.

  • Martin-Löf type theories with additional induction principles validate corresponding set theoretical axioms.
  • Further studies are needed to validate these or uncover yet unknown PtdIns(3,5)P2 effectors.
  • If the file has a version known to an XML processor, it may validate the document.
  • However, more evidence, studies and applications would be needed regarding this type of representation, in order to validate it.
  • As mentioned by the library research team, primary sources and film history books largely fail to validate Cary's narrative.

  • Kouznetsov's results could not be replicated, and no actual experiments have been able to validate this theory, so far.
  • As with other proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies, Cardano offers "staking", which allows token holders to set-aside (delegate) tokens to potentially "validate" transactions on the same blockchain (see Figure 1).
  • An open-source glTF validator can validate if 3D models conform to the glTF specification.
  • In July 1997, the Government announced it would pass legislation to validate private timber reserves (media release 15 July).
  • MSA was the pioneer in Egypt to validate its programs with British Universities in 2002.

  • Semantic Application Design Language (SADL), is an English-like open source language for building formal models composed of an OWL ontology, rules expressed in terms of the ontological concepts, queries for retrieving information from the model, and tests to validate and re-validate model content and entailments (implications).
  • The single largest strength of any TOFU-style model is that a human being must initially validate every interaction.
  • An inference is valid if all interpretations that validate the premises validate the conclusion.
  • The objective of this test was to check ballistic parameters, validate motor subsystem performance (and confirm the design margins), evaluate the thermal performance of nozzle liners especially to confirm the ablative characteristics, validate integrity of all interfaces, evaluate the head-end mounted safe arm (HMSA) based ignition system performance, and evaluate side thrust due to misalignment and variation in flow and other functional parameters including flow reversal.
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