Translation for 'warp' from English to Hungarian
NOUN   a warp | warps
VERB   to warp | warped | warped
warping | warps
SYNO buckle | deflection | to buckle | ...
vetemedik [fa]to warp
vontatókábel {noun}warp
hordalékterület {noun}warp
lánc {noun}
horgonykötél {noun}
vontatókötél {noun}
kikötőkötél {noun}
időhurok {noun}time warp
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Usage Examples English
  • Verterium cortenide is a usually synthetically generated compound, the only known substance to be capable of generating warp fields, when supplied with energy, in form of plasma, from the warp core.
  • Shot silks were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, including warp printing, where the warp was printed before weaving to create chiné or "Pompadour taffeta".
  • The asymmetric knot is tied by wrapping the yarn around only one warp, then the thread is passed behind the adjacent warp so that it divides the two ends of the yarn.
  • Interstellar travel in "Space Empires" is not faster-than-light drive based, but instead relies on anomalies called "warp points", essentially wormholes between two star systems.
  • The basic functional principle of the warp drive in "Star Trek" is the same for all spaceships.

  • Both warp and weft can be visible in the final product. By spacing the warp more closely, it can completely cover the weft that binds it, giving a "warp faced" textile such as repp weave.
  • A heddle-bar is simply a stick placed across the warp and tied to individual warp threads. When it is lifted, it pulls the warp threads it is tied to out of position, creating a shed.
  • The General Union of Lancashire and Yorkshire Warp Dressers' Association was a trade union representing workers involved in preparing warp yarn for weaving who were based in northern England.
  • The warp scheduler of SM decides which of the warp gets prioritized during issuance of instructions. Some of the warp prioritizing policies have also been discussed in the following sections.
  • Linen warp is a key raw material in every Anki rug. Historically Nordic rugs have been woven with strong linen warp.

  • At the SM level, each warp scheduler distributes warps of 32 threads to its execution units.
  • The sizing liquor is applied on warp yarn with a warp sizing machine. After the weaving process the fabric is desized (washed).
  • The warp drive velocity in "Star Trek" is generally expressed in "warp factor" units, which—according to "Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual"—corresponds to the magnitude of the warp field.
  • = The wool is always composed of two strands, making it 2-ply. Warp will vary according to region, but ply consistently remains 2-ply.
  • Sleying is the term used for pulling the warp threads through the reed, which happens during the warping process (putting a warp on the loom).

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