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NOUN   a talk therapy | talk therapies
viðtalsmeðferð {kv}
talk therapy
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Translation for 'talk therapy' from English to Icelandic

talk therapy
viðtalsmeðferð {kv}sálfræði
Usage Examples English
  • While he engages in routine talk therapy, he does not prescribe medication, since Monk reacts badly whenever he takes medicine.
  • Another method of treatment is talk therapy, in which a patient tells a therapist about the cause of this fear. This can calm the patient to make them less afraid of controlled fire.
  • Kupferberg, he shares with her the results of a recent study which has shown that sociopaths are not helped by talk therapy but rather only further enabled by it, perhaps even "sharpening their skills as con men" in the process.
  • Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, promotes a relationship between a trained psychotherapist and a person suffering from a psychological disorder.
  • Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalytic theory, developed his concept of resistance as he worked with patients who suddenly developed uncooperative behaviors during sessions of talk therapy.
  • The Friendship Bench programme is a Zimbabwean community-based mental health intervention where trained community health workers (known as "grandmothers") sit on wooden park "Friendship Benches" set up at primary health care clinics or safe community spaces and provide structured problem-solving talk therapy to community members who come looking for mental health support or are referred by nurses or other community members.
  • Otherwise, typically, management involves psychoeducation or counseling, such as talk therapy.
  • Mayberg and collaborators described how they successfully treated a number of depressed people—individuals virtually catatonic with depression despite years of talk therapy, drugs, and electroconvulsive therapy—with pacemaker-like electrodes (deep brain stimulation) in area 25.
  • These are talk therapy sessions with psychiatrists or clinical psychologists to help the individual identify troubling thoughts or experiences that may affect their mental state, and develop corresponding coping mechanisms for each identified issue.
  • Led by Doctor Jonathan Slocum, it specialized in progressive treatment approaches, like "intense recreation" and talk therapy.
  • Social media therapy combines different expressive therapy aspects of talk therapy, art therapy, writing therapy, and drama therapy and applies them to the web domain.
  • In "The Second Coming", he tells her that a recent study has shown that talk therapy may only help a sociopath become more sociopathic.
  • For many years, the work of Sigmund Freud was considered revolutionary in his creation of psychotherapy, or talk therapy, and his theories regarding childhood experiences affecting a person later in life.
  • Automated talk-therapy offered by various ELIZA computer programs produce notable examples of conversational patterns that are psychobabble, even though they may not be loaded with jargon.
  • There are a variety of common types of talk therapy.
  • In 2019 NFA testified before the Nebraska Legislature in support of keeping conversion therapy legal in Nebraska.
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