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ADJ   tamed | more tamed | most tamed
VERB   to tame | tamed | tamed
taming | tames
SYNO tame | tamed
taminn {adj}tamed
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Translation for 'tamed' from English to Icelandic

taminn {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Rätsch died at the age of 65 from an undiscovered stomach ulcer, which he had staunchly tamed over the years.
  • There these wild elephants are tamed and trained by mahouts specialized as elephant trainers.
  • The Lahore is generally a very gentle and shy pigeon. They are good natured and can be tamed quickly.
  • The fountain was sacred to the Muses and it was there that Bellerophon found Pegasus (as Polyidus had claimed), drinking, and tamed him.
  • Assorted wild animals have, on occasion, been tamed and trained to harness, including zebras and even moose.
  • The fox desired to be tamed and taught the prince how to tame him.
  • On the day of the adventure, Khamba did everything as his sister had told him to do. This tamed the bull.
  • Terrorizing wild beasts were often tamed by Mughals who considered themselves as protectors of people, sources record over seventy shikargahs situated in mountainous forests, deserts, Indo-Gangetic floodplains, rocky outcrops, and coastlands.
  • In ancient Egypt, scimitar oryxes were domesticated and tamed, possibly to be used as offerings for religious ceremonies or as food.
  • He has tamed 139 captive rogue jumbos. He has also tamed around 100 wild elephants for treatment and translocation.
  • The scene when Soyeon tamed a scorpion was listed at #10 on Refinery29 K-Pop's Fiercest Music Video Moments of 2018.
  • There these wild elephants are tamed and trained by mahouts specialized as elephant trainers. These trainers take the help of other tamed elephants.
  • Crow Seep was named after Crow, a wild horse captured at the spring and tamed by a local rancher.
  • Gecko is a big-eyed troll with tamed crows called, Jeremy, Pascal, and many more.
  • ("Never to be tamed") Approved by King George VI in April 1944.
  • Results of genetic research indicate that the modern taurine cattle ("Bos taurus") arose from 80 aurochs tamed in southeastern Anatolia and northern Syria about 10,500 years ago.
  • The lake served as inspiration for the wild river that was tamed by a dam in the novel and film "Deliverance" by James Dickey.
  • He then turned his attention to the Audion tube, again suspecting that its notoriously unpredictable behaviour might be tamed with more care in the manufacturing process.
  • The Silva race has brown skin and horns. Their guardian is a tamed Dragon. They are high in mp and use magic to fight.
  • She also is indicated as having established the laws relative to hydraulic works, [...] thus having a special relationship to "tamed" water.
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