Translation for 'Bq' from English to Icelandic
bekerel {hv}
becquerel <Bq>
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Translation for 'Bq' from English to Icelandic

becquerel <Bq>
bekerel {hv}eðlisfr.ein.
Usage Examples English
  • The International System of Units (SI) unit of radioactive activity is the becquerel (Bq), named in honor of the scientist Henri Becquerel.
  • BQ (voiced by Satomi Kōrogi): After when Abraham awakens within the body of first Lamuness, BQ appeared to command Narcissist Dandy and Pheromone Lip.
  • A 2004 analysis by the French Society for Radiation Protection confirms the spring water emits 70 becquerels per liter of radiation before treatment, containing 58 mg/m3 of uranium, 350 Bq/m3 of radium-226 and 713 Bq/m3 of radium-228.
  • In terms of radiotoxicity, 440 Bq of 85Kr is equivalent to 1 Bq of radon-222, without considering the rest of the radon decay chain.
  • According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, one kilogram of soil typically contains the following amounts of the following three natural radioisotopes 370 Bq 40K (typical range 100–700 Bq), 25 Bq 226Ra (typical range 10–50 Bq), 25 Bq 238U (typical range 10–50 Bq) and 25 Bq 232Th (typical range 7–50 Bq).

  • Bebtelovimab is not expected to neutralize Omicron subvariants BQ.1 and BQ.1.1.
  • By 2020, bq appears no longer to be in the phone market, with all devices removed from the company's web-page.
  • The following is a comparative list of smartphones belonging to the bq line of devices, using the Android/Ubuntu operating system.
  • Radon concentration in the atmosphere is usually measured in becquerel per cubic meter (Bq/m3), the SI derived unit.
  • Take any point B on VG and drop a perpendicular BQ from B to VX. Draw perpendicular ST intersecting BQ, extended if necessary, at T. At B draw the perpendicular BJ, intersecting VX at J.

  • A recent study published in Nature found up to 35 bq/kg plutonium 241 in leaf litter in 3 out of 19 sites in the most contaminated zone in Fukushima.
  • bq is designated—but not in use—as the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for "Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba" (the Caribbean Netherlands) following the assignment on December 15, 2010, by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency of BQ as the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 to the area.
  • The International Organization for Standardization has assigned the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code ISO 3166-2:BQ for these islands.
  • Johannite is a strong radioactive mineral with a calculated activity of 87,501,143 Bq/g (to the comparison: natural potassium: 31.2 Bq/g).
  • In 2005, the radon concentration was measured in this station, and found to be 9 Bq/m3. The threshold permissible concentration is 148 Bq/m3.

  • These were BQ-F "Press on Regardless" ED905, BQ-V 'The Vulture Strikes' PA995, and - the most well known - BQ-B "Phantom of the Ruhr" EE139.
  • For fermium-253, the ingestion limit was set at 107 becquerels (1 Bq is equivalent to one decay per second), and the inhalation limit at 105 Bq; for fermium-257, at 105 Bq and 4,000 Bq respectively.
  • The BQ-2 was optionally piloted; a single-seat cockpit was installed for ferry and training flights; a fairing would replace the cockpit canopy on operational missions.
  • In 2009 the activity of [...] was 238 Bq per kg carbon of fresh terrestrial biomatter, close to the values before atmospheric nuclear testing (226 Bq/kg C; 1950).
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