Translation for 'axle load' from English to Icelandic
NOUN   an axle load | axle loads
ásþungi {k}axle load
öxulþungi {k}axle load
Partial Matches
öxull {k}
hjólaás {kv}axle
hjólás {k}axle
framás {k}front axle
afturás {k}back axle
framöxull {k}front axle
álag {hv}load
framburður {k} [aurburður]
farmur {k}load
burður {k} [byrði]load
byrði {kv}load
fannfergi {hv}
snow load
ferma e-ðto load sth.
álagstoppur {k}peak load
álagsdreifing {kv}
load balancing
æki {hv} [gamalt] [hlass]carriage load
flutnings­geta {kv}load capacity
fullfermi {hv}full load
skyndiálag {hv}accidental load
greiðslubyrði {kv}debt load
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Usage Examples English
  • ETR 460 keeps axle load to an extremely low level (14.5 ton/axle) to allow the train to negotiate curves up to 35% faster than conventional intercity trains (loco plus coaches).
  • As pavement systems primarily fail due to fatigue (in a manner similar to metals), the damage done to pavement increases with the fourth power of the axle load of the vehicles traveling on it.
  • These applications might use double track of the country's usual gauge to provide the necessary stability and axle load.
  • The bi-current sets weigh 383 tonnes: owing to axle-load restrictions in Belgium the tri-current sets have a series of modifications, such as the replacement of steel with aluminium and hollow axles, to reduce the weight to under 17 t per axle.
  • While two versions were designed, the Class YD with a 10-ton axle load and the Class YE with a 12-ton axle load, none was built of the latter class.

  • Baldwin developed two standard 2-10-0s for railroads with low axle-load requirements.
  • The possible tractive effort of an 0-4-0 within normal axle load limits was not enough to move large loads.
  • The train was renumbered F80, and modifications included ability to operate on both 25 kV AC 50 Hz and 60 Hz overhead power supplies, weight-saving measures to comply with the 16 tonne axle load restriction, and additional control equipment to cope with the 30‰ gradient of the Nagano Shinkansen.
  • They were followed by the equally successful MX class with a lower axle load for branch line services and the MZ class for heavy express services.
  • Trevithick's was probably the first to do so; however some of the short cast iron plates of the tramroad broke under the locomotive as they were intended only to support the lighter axle load of horse-drawn wagons and so the tramroad returned to horse power after the initial test run.

  • The rear suspension featured a 5-link solid rear axle; load-leveling air suspension was an option for the rear axle.
  • Before that, the maximum length was unlimited; the only limitations were on axle load.
  • depending on their axle load with 'container special' trains running at a peak speed of [...].
  • Given NYC's axle load limits, "Pacifics" could not be made any larger; a new locomotive type would be required to carry the larger boilers.
  • There were three potential designs between 4000 hp and 4600 hp weighing between 114 and 119 tons with a maximum axle load of [...].

  • The X2 was designed for old main lines with tight curves and with continuously welded rails (the train has a maximum axle load of [...] , which causes large forces on the track).
  • In 1884, he proposed compounding combined with articulation; on lightly engineered secondary lines this could give greater power to locomotives whose axle load and size were limited.
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