Translation for 'bad' from English to Icelandic
ADJ   bad | worse / [nonstandard] badder | worst / [nonstandard] baddest
SYNO bad | badly | badness | ...
vondur {adj}bad
slæmur {adj}bad
lélegur {adj}bad
afleitur {adj}bad
válegur {adj}bad
amalegur {adj} [e-ð er ekki amalegt]bad [sth. is not bad]
2 Words: Others
alvondur {adj}all bad
alslæmur {adj}all bad
ódannaður {adj}bad-mannered
önuglyndur {adj}bad-tempered
ólundarlegur {adj}bad-tempered
nokkuð slæmt {adj}rather bad
Þvar leitt.Too bad.
2 Words: Verbs
skemmastto go bad
horfa þunglegato look bad
2 Words: Nouns
ávani {k}(bad) habit
óráð {hv} [vont ráð]bad advice
loftleysi {hv}bad air
óknyttastrákur {k}bad boy
andremma {kv}
bad breath
andfýla {kv} [talm.]
bad breath
innistæðulaus ávísun {kv}bad check [Am.]
innistæðulaus ávísun {kv}bad cheque [Br.]
samviskubit {hv}bad conscience
óheillaspor {hv}bad decision
óvani {k}bad habit
ósiður {k}bad habit
plagsiður {k}bad habit
slæmur ávani {k}bad habit
óáran {kv}bad harvest
kák {hv}bad job
fúsk {hv}bad job
óheppni {kv}bad luck
óhamingja {kv}bad luck
óstjórn {kv}bad management
hundafæði {hv} [talm.]bad meal
ólund {kv}bad mood
fúllyndi {hv}bad mood
fýla {kv} [ólund]bad mood
ótíðindi {hv.ft}bad news
illtíðindi {hv.ft}bad news
váboði {k}bad omen
ills viti {k}bad omen
feiknstafir {k.ft}bad omen {sg}
fúlmenni {hv}bad person
vondur maður {k}bad person
lélegur vegur {k}bad road
óáran {kv}bad season
óbragð {hv}bad taste [also fig.]
önuglyndi {hv}bad temper
óveður {hv}
bad weather
þungviðri {hv}
bad weather
óáran {kv}bad year
3 Words: Others
vondur {adj} [lélegur]in bad shape
fótaveikur {adj}with bad legs [due to some ailments]
3 Words: Verbs
taka sig (vel / illa) útto appear (good / bad)
vera alveg fráto feel very bad
verða illa útito get bad treatment
vera andfúllto have bad breath
taka sig (vel / illa) útto look (good / bad)
3 Words: Nouns
afskrifaðar tapaðar kröfur {kv.ft}
bad debts expense
4 Words: Others
Maturinn er vondur.The food tastes bad.
4 Words: Verbs
vera illur í skapito be in bad mood
unverified vera illa fyrir kallaðurto be in bad shape
láta af ósiðto break a bad habit
láta af slæmum ávanato break a bad habit
gera illt verrato make bad things­ worse
4 Words: Nouns
ógæftir {kv.ft}
bad weather for fishing {sg}
ótíð {kv}
spell of bad weather
5+ Words: Others
Árinni kennir illur ræðari.
A bad workman blames his tools.
Þetta er versti maður.He is a very bad man.
Þer illa komið fyrir honum.He is in a bad situation.
Þer illa komið fyrir honum.He's in a bad way.
Vegurinn er vondur.The road is in bad shape.
Þviðrar vel / illa.The weather is good / bad.
Þeir færðu okkur slæmu fréttirnar.They broke the bad news to us.
5+ Words: Verbs
vera góðs / ills vitito be a good / bad omen
vera góðs / ills vitito be a good / bad sign
vera þungur í skapito be in a bad mood
vera vel / illa fyrirkallaðurto be in good / bad form
vera vel / illa á sig kominnto be in good / bad shape [physically]
fá góða / slæma pressu [talm.]to get (a) good / bad press
þrengja þrengir e-m] to go into a bad spot [sb. is getting into a bad spot]
koma e-m upp á e-ðto let sb. get into a bad habit
koma vel / illa framto make a good / bad impression
5+ Words: Nouns
ófærð {kv}bad state of the roads
eiturbras {hv}
bad tasting dish or drink (coffee)
góðar / slæmar gæftir {kv.ft}
good / bad weather for fishing
feigðarflan {hv}plan that will go bad
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Translation for 'bad' from English to Icelandic

vondur {adj}

slæmur {adj}

lélegur {adj}

afleitur {adj}

válegur {adj}
bad [sth. is not bad]
amalegur {adj} [e-ð er ekki amalegt]

all bad
alvondur {adj}

alslæmur {adj}
ódannaður {adj}
önuglyndur {adj}

ólundarlegur {adj}
rather bad
nokkuð slæmt {adj}
Too bad.
Það var leitt.

to go bad
að skemmast
to look bad
að horfa þunglega

(bad) habit
ávani {k}
bad advice
óráð {hv} [vont ráð]
bad air
loftleysi {hv}
bad boy
óknyttastrákur {k}
bad breath
andremma {kv}læknisfr.

andfýla {kv} [talm.]læknisfr.
bad check [Am.]
innistæðulaus ávísun {kv}
bad cheque [Br.]
innistæðulaus ávísun {kv}
bad conscience
samviskubit {hv}
bad decision
óheillaspor {hv}
bad habit
óvani {k}

ósiður {k}

plagsiður {k}

slæmur ávani {k}
bad harvest
óáran {kv}
bad job
kák {hv}

fúsk {hv}
bad luck
óheppni {kv}

óhamingja {kv}
bad management
óstjórn {kv}
bad meal
hundafæði {hv} [talm.]
bad mood
ólund {kv}

fúllyndi {hv}

fýla {kv} [ólund]
bad news
ótíðindi {hv.ft}

illtíðindi {hv.ft}
bad omen
váboði {k}

ills viti {k}
bad omen {sg}
feiknstafir {k.ft}
bad person
fúlmenni {hv}

vondur maður {k}
bad road
lélegur vegur {k}
bad season
óáran {kv}
bad taste [also fig.]
óbragð {hv}
bad temper
önuglyndi {hv}
bad weather
óveður {hv}veðurfr.

þungviðri {hv}veðurfr.
bad year
óáran {kv}

in bad shape
vondur {adj} [lélegur]
with bad legs [due to some ailments]
fótaveikur {adj}

to appear (good / bad)
að taka sig (vel / illa) út
to feel very bad
að vera alveg frá
to get bad treatment
að verða illa úti
to have bad breath
að vera andfúll
to look (good / bad)
að taka sig (vel / illa) út

bad debts expense
afskrifaðar tapaðar kröfur {kv.ft}bókh.fjár.

The food tastes bad.
Maturinn er vondur.

to be in bad mood
að vera illur í skapi
to be in bad shape
unverified að vera illa fyrir kallaður
to break a bad habit
að láta af ósið

að láta af slæmum ávana
to make bad things­ worse
að gera illt verra

bad weather for fishing {sg}
ógæftir {kv.ft}veðurfr.
spell of bad weather
ótíð {kv}veðurfr.

A bad workman blames his tools.
Árinni kennir illur ræðari.málshát.
He is a very bad man.
Þetta er versti maður.
He is in a bad situation.
Það er illa komið fyrir honum.
He's in a bad way.
Það er illa komið fyrir honum.
The road is in bad shape.
Vegurinn er vondur.
The weather is good / bad.
Það viðrar vel / illa.
They broke the bad news to us.
Þeir færðu okkur slæmu fréttirnar.

to be a good / bad omen
að vera góðs / ills viti
to be a good / bad sign
að vera góðs / ills viti
to be in a bad mood
að vera þungur í skapi
to be in good / bad form
að vera vel / illa fyrirkallaður
to be in good / bad shape [physically]
að vera vel / illa á sig kominn
to get (a) good / bad press
að fá góða / slæma pressu [talm.]
to go into a bad spot [sb. is getting into a bad spot]
að þrengja að [það þrengir að e-m]
to let sb. get into a bad habit
að koma e-m upp á e-ð
to make a good / bad impression
að koma vel / illa fram

bad state of the roads
ófærð {kv}
bad tasting dish or drink (coffee)
eiturbras {hv}mat.
good / bad weather for fishing
góðar / slæmar gæftir {kv.ft}veðurfr.
plan that will go bad
feigðarflan {hv}
Usage Examples English
  • It is not clear whether this happened at the present Bad Wildbad or at Bad Teinach. However, the description of his escape route indicated that it indeed happened at today's Bad Wildbad.
  • The core of nearly all bad results is the conscious giving bad goal images to the mechanism.
  • The conclusion is that actually nothing bad happens to good men.
  • One idea is to divide our banks into good and bad banks. We could set up one or two bad banks, which would be "financial skips" into which we throw bad loans.
  • “My injuries have been a result of maybe bad coaching, bad choices as well.

  • It is dependent on (1) the degree of personal control over bad things, (2) the frequency with which bad things occur, and (3) the likelihood of bad things occurring.
  • Ïa ki bynriew baroh la kha laitluid bad ki ïaryngkat ha ka burom bad ki hok.
  • His films include "The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It", "Bad Ass", and its sequels, "Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses" and "Bad Asses on the Bayou.
  • The film received negative reviews for its poor editing, bad writing, bad acting, and terrible special effects.
  • The first bank to use the bad bank strategy was Mellon Bank, which created a bad bank entity in 1988 to hold $1.4 billion of bad loans.

  • "Toby Tyler" is a "bad boy" novel, meant to teach a lesson about what happens to boys who do bad things; other examples include George W.
  • Bad be famine, war, bad air; but worse still, bad neighbor.
  • Bad News reporter characters are a villainous gimmick; due to any "bad news" reported to the fans by a "bad guy" (heel); but is quite rare since that fans are not quite interested in it either.
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