Translation for 'night' from English to Icelandic
NOUN   a night | nights
SYNO dark | Night | night | ...
nótt {kv}night
nátt {kv} [gamalt] [nótt]night
2 Words: Others
næturlangt {adv}all night
á nóttunni {adv}at night
næturlagi {adv}at night
á næturþeli {adv}at night
næturlagi {adv}by night
Góða nótt!Good night!
í fyrrinótt {adv}last night
í nótt sem leið {adv}last night [after midnight]
Þnáttar.Night falls.
náttblindur {adj}
nætursakir {adv}over night
2 Words: Nouns
brúðkaupsnótt {kv}bridal night
jólanótt {kv}
Christmas night
frumsýning {kv}
first night
gæsapartí {hv}hen night [Br.] [coll.]
jólanótt {kv}
Holy Night
Jónsmessunótt {kv}
Midsummer night
náttblinda {kv}
night blindness
næturstrætó {k}night bus
nátthúfa {kv}
night cap [worn by a man]
næturklúbbur {k}night club
næturkrem {hv}
night cream
næturflug {hv}
night flight
næturfrost {hv}
night frost
næturgestur {k}night guest
næturlíf {hv}night life
nátthrafn {k}night owl [coll.] [night person]
næturhrafn {k}night owl [coll.] [night person]
næturró {kv}night peace
næturtaxti {k}night rate
næturvinnutaxti {k}
night rate
næturvarsla {kv}night security
næturvakt {kv}night shift
næturkyrrð {kv}night silence
næturhiminn {k}night sky
næturljóð {hv}
night song
næturvarsla {kv}night surveillance
náttborð {hv}
night table
næturvörður {k}
night watchman
næturvinna {kv}
night work
náttból {hv}night's lodging
nætursvefn {k}night's sleep
skyndikynni {hv.ft}one-night stand <ONS> [coll.]
einnar nætur gaman {hv}one-night stand <ONS> [coll.]
vökunótt {kv}sleepless night
andvökunótt {kv}sleepless night
sumarnótt {kv}summer night
sumarkvöld {hv}summer night
brúðkaupsnótt {kv}wedding night
vetrarnótt {kv}winter night
vetrarnótt {kv}winter's night
3 Words: Others
næturlangt {adv}all night long
næturlagi {adv}at night-time
um nóttina {adv}during the night
á nóttunni {adv}during the night
á næturnar {adv}during the night
nóttu til {adv}during the night
næturlagi {adv}during the night
fram á nótt {adv}into the night
Bara eina nótt.Just one night.
ár og síð {adv}morning and night
í (alla) nótt {adv}the whole night
3 Words: Verbs
gistato stay the night
3 Words: Nouns
náttmyrkur {hv}darkness of night
næturslark {hv}late night drinking
nætursjónauki {k}night vision goggles
4 Words: Others
Eigðu góða nótt.Have a good night.
unverified fram eftir öllu {adv}late into the night
fram á nótt {adv}until late at night
lengi nætur {adv}well into the night
4 Words: Nouns
foreldrafundur {k}
back-to-school night [Am.]
náttból {hv}place for the night
náttstaður {k}place for the night
næturstaður {k}place for the night
aðfaranótt {kv} mánudagsthe night before Monday
5+ Words: Others
Hvkostar nóttin?How much does the night cost?
um miðja nótt {adv}in the middle of the night
lengi fram eftir degi / nóttu {adv}until late in the day / night
5+ Words: Verbs
nátta sig [gamalt]to prepare a place for the night
5+ Words: Nouns
nýársnótt {kv}night of New Year's Eve
næturvinnutaxti {k}
wage rate paid for night work
Taxa/Species (Animals, Plants, Fungi)
næturfjóla {kv} [Hesperis matronalis]
night scented gilliflower
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Translation for 'night' from English to Icelandic

nótt {kv}

nátt {kv} [gamalt] [nótt]

all night
næturlangt {adv}
at night
á nóttunni {adv}

að næturlagi {adv}

á næturþeli {adv}
by night
að næturlagi {adv}
Good night!
Góða nótt!
last night
í fyrrinótt {adv}
last night [after midnight]
í nótt sem leið {adv}
Night falls.
Það náttar.
náttblindur {adj}læknisfr.
over night
nætursakir {adv}

bridal night
brúðkaupsnótt {kv}
Christmas night
jólanótt {kv}trúarbr.
first night
frumsýning {kv}leiklist
hen night [Br.] [coll.]
gæsapartí {hv}
Holy Night
jólanótt {kv}trúarbr.
Midsummer night
Jónsmessunótt {kv}trúarbr.
night blindness
náttblinda {kv}læknisfr.
night bus
næturstrætó {k}
night cap [worn by a man]
nátthúfa {kv}fatn.
night club
næturklúbbur {k}
night cream
næturkrem {hv}snyrtiv.
night flight
næturflug {hv}flug
night frost
næturfrost {hv}veðurfr.
night guest
næturgestur {k}
night life
næturlíf {hv}
night owl [coll.] [night person]
nátthrafn {k}

næturhrafn {k}
night peace
næturró {kv}
night rate
næturtaxti {k}

næturvinnutaxti {k}atv.
night security
næturvarsla {kv}
night shift
næturvakt {kv}
night silence
næturkyrrð {kv}
night sky
næturhiminn {k}
night song
næturljóð {hv}tón.
night surveillance
næturvarsla {kv}
night table
náttborð {hv}húsg.
night watchman
næturvörður {k}atv.
night work
næturvinna {kv}atv.
night's lodging
náttból {hv}
night's sleep
nætursvefn {k}
one-night stand <ONS> [coll.]
skyndikynni {hv.ft}

einnar nætur gaman {hv}
sleepless night
vökunótt {kv}

andvökunótt {kv}
summer night
sumarnótt {kv}

sumarkvöld {hv}
wedding night
brúðkaupsnótt {kv}
winter night
vetrarnótt {kv}
winter's night
vetrarnótt {kv}

all night long
næturlangt {adv}
at night-time
að næturlagi {adv}
during the night
um nóttina {adv}

á nóttunni {adv}

á næturnar {adv}

að nóttu til {adv}

að næturlagi {adv}
into the night
fram á nótt {adv}
Just one night.
Bara eina nótt.
morning and night
ár og síð {adv}
the whole night
í (alla) nótt {adv}

to stay the night
að gista

darkness of night
náttmyrkur {hv}
late night drinking
næturslark {hv}
night vision goggles
nætursjónauki {k}

Have a good night.
Eigðu góða nótt.
late into the night
unverified fram eftir öllu {adv}
until late at night
fram á nótt {adv}
well into the night
lengi nætur {adv}

back-to-school night [Am.]
foreldrafundur {k}mennt.
place for the night
náttból {hv}

náttstaður {k}

næturstaður {k}
the night before Monday
aðfaranótt {kv} mánudags

How much does the night cost?
Hvað kostar nóttin?
in the middle of the night
um miðja nótt {adv}
until late in the day / night
lengi fram eftir degi / nóttu {adv}

to prepare a place for the night
að nátta sig [gamalt]

night of New Year's Eve
nýársnótt {kv}
wage rate paid for night work
næturvinnutaxti {k}atv.

night scented gilliflower
næturfjóla {kv} [Hesperis matronalis]gras.T
Usage Examples English
  • Folklore has it that Lyderhorn was a gathering location for witches on Midsummer night, Valborg night (the night of May 1), and at Yule.
  • In cinematography, night-for-night filming is the practice of actually filming night scenes at night.
  • On August 4, 2017, the American Jam/Rock band Phish performed this song to open night 11 of their 13 night residency at Madison Square Garden named the Bakers Dozen.
  • Steve Bryant of "SoCal Uncensored" stated that the first night of the tournament was not "as good as last year’s night 1" while considering the second night a "letdown".
  • He had a supporting role on two late night talk shows: "Night After Night with Allan Havey" and Dennis Miller's short-lived show.

  • Night Act: Any sound, movement or trace taken from the players' behavior in the night phase is called the night act.
  • In 2018, Brandon began hosting nostalgia themed DJ nights such as Break Stuff: Nu Metal Night, Top 8: Myspace Night and Free Skate: Tony Hawk Pro Skater Night.
  • Since the first 626 Night Market event in 2012, a number of other night markets have emerged in Los Angeles and Orange County, including the KTOWN Night Market, the Little Saigon Night Market and the MPK Night Market.
  • "RedZone" is not on-air during Thursday night, Sunday night, Monday night, and any stand-alone Saturday night games, nor for NFL International Series games which are scheduled in an early Sunday morning timeslot.
  • Also, the 426th Night Fighter Squadron operated P-61 Black Widow night interceptor aircraft from the airfield, providing a night defense against Japanese fighter and bomber raids at night in the area, along with the B-29 bases before their move to the Marianas.

  • Night-flushing cools the house by increasing ventilation at night, when the outdoor air is cooler; windtowers can assist night flushing.
  • As of 2017, the four racing events are held over four consecutive nights, leading up to the Indy 500 on Sunday.
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