Translation for 'to abandon ship' from English to Icelandic
yfirgefa skip [í neyð]to abandon ship
Partial Matches
hverfa frá áætlunto abandon a plan
yfirgefa e-n/e-ðto abandon sb./sth.
hætta við málaferli
to abandon a court case
skip {hv}ship
gámaskip {hv}
container ship
víkingaskip {hv}
Viking ship
vöruflutningaskip {hv}
cargo ship
ásigling {kv}
ship collision
skólaskip {hv}
training ship
verksmiðjuskip {hv}
factory ship
veðurskip {hv}
weather ship
seglskip {hv}
sailing ship
fraktskip {hv}
freight ship
fraktskip {hv}
cargo ship
kaupfar {hv}
merchant ship
farskip {hv}
merchant ship
tréskip {hv}
wooden ship
draugaskip {hv}phantom ship
systurskip {hv}
sister ship
olíuskip {hv}
tanker ship
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Usage Examples English
  • The crew was ordered to abandon ship after about forty minutes of the bombardment using the only remaining operable motor lifeboat of the three stowed on board.
  • To further confirm the identity of the wreck, Shigeru Nakajima, an electrical technician on "Musashi" who claimed to have survived by jumping overboard after the order to abandon ship was given, told the Associated Press that he was "certain" that the wreck was "Musashi" upon seeing its anchor and the imperial seal mount.
  • A critical hit forces the crew to abandon ship as it rapidly capsizes.
  • "Liberator" is severely damaged during the battle with the Andromedans, forcing the crew to abandon ship whilst Zen carries out repairs.
  • s captain ordered her crew to abandon ship after further damage and scuttled "Hiei" in the early evening of 14 November.

  • The captain ordered his entire crew to abandon ship but was countermanded once a towing vessel arrived.
  • In one instance where all members of the crew were forced to abandon ship as "Voyager" prepared to self-destruct in order to destroy a missile from hitting an inhabited planet, Paris thanked Janeway for everything she has done before he left the ship in an escape pod while Janeway stayed behind to oversee the auto-destruction sequence.
  • At 09:45, Evans finally gave the order to abandon ship.
  • a small explosion was heard from the front of the ship and the captain gave the order to abandon ship.
  • Only three, (Dewey G. Kile, Michael E. Lira, and Alfred Geier) of the 36 men in the submarine were able to abandon ship before she sank.

  • There was danger that the fire would spread to the holds which contained explosives, and Captain Monroe Fein ordered all aboard to abandon ship.
  • The crew was able to abandon ship, but not much was saved.
  • With the bridge crew dead and the ship badly damaged, Saavik orders the crew to abandon ship and the simulation ends.
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