Translation for 'to become' from English to Icelandic
VERB   to become | became | become
becoming | becomes
SYNO to become | to get | to go | ...
verðato become
gerastto become
verða e-uto become sth.
2 Words: Verbs
espastto become angry
fyllast reiðito become angry
ofmetnastto become arrogant
unverified forframastto become cultured
þykknato become denser
komast á vonarvölto become destitute
þornato become dry
örmagnastto become exhausted
fitnato become fat
fækka [e-u fækkar]to become fewer
to become furious
to become handicapped
veikjastto become ill
æsastto become intensified
fyrnastto become invalid
fréttastto become known
aukastto become larger
umturnastto become mad
vélvæðastto become mechanised [Br.]
vélvæðastto become mechanized
mjókkato become narrower
to become narrower
öðlast þegnréttto become naturalised
verða um og ó [e-m verður um og ó]to become overwhelmed
fríkkato become prettier
vitkastto become reasonable
úfnato become rough
úfnato become ruffled
kalka [þjást af elliglöpum]
to become senile
vitkastto become sensible
þagnato become silent
upplýsastto become solved
verða orðfátt [e-m verður orðfátt]to become speechless [sb. becomes speechless]
festastto become stuck
þreknastto become thicker
ókyrrastto become uneasy
vetrato become winter
3 Words: Verbs
verða læknirto become a doctor
ánetjast e-uto become addicted to sth.
verða e-s varto become aware of sth.
verða e-s áskynjato become aware of sth.
verða var við e-ðto become aware of sth.
verða áskynja um e-ðto become aware of sth.
komast í hámæli [e-ð kemst í hámæli] to become common knowledge [sth. becomes common knowledge]
verða e-m fjörtjónito become fatal to sb.
vingast (við e-n)to become friends (with sb.)
fyllast (af e-u)to become full (of sth.)
fríkkato become more beautiful
þéttastto become more dense
þyngjastto become more difficult
verða illt af e-uto become sick of sth.
þykkna undir beltito become visibly pregnant
vera nýorðinn e-ðto have just become sth.
láta e-ð ásannastto let sth. become reality
4 Words: Verbs
verða athlægito become a laughing stock
taka ástfóstri við e-nto become an admirer of sb.
vera viss passito have become a custom
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Translation for 'to become' from English to Icelandic

to become
að verða

að gerast
to become sth.
að verða að e-u

to become angry
að espast

að fyllast reiði
to become arrogant
að ofmetnast
to become cultured
unverified að forframast
to become denser
að þykkna
to become destitute
að komast á vonarvöl
to become dry
að þorna
to become exhausted
að örmagnast
to become fat
að fitna
to become fewer
að fækka [e-u fækkar]
to become furious
að fokreiðastorðtak
to become handicapped
að fatlastlæknisfr.
to become ill
að veikjast
to become intensified
að æsast
to become invalid
að fyrnast
to become known
að fréttast
to become larger
að aukast
to become mad
að umturnast
to become mechanised [Br.]
að vélvæðast
to become mechanized
að vélvæðast
to become narrower
að mjókka

að þrengjasttæk.
to become naturalised
að öðlast þegnrétt
to become overwhelmed
að verða um og ó [e-m verður um og ó]
to become prettier
að fríkka
to become reasonable
að vitkast
to become rough
að úfna
to become ruffled
að úfna
to become senile
að kalka [þjást af elliglöpum]læknisfr.
to become sensible
að vitkast
to become silent
að þagna
to become solved
að upplýsast
to become speechless [sb. becomes speechless]
að verða orðfátt [e-m verður orðfátt]
to become stuck
að festast
to become thicker
að þreknast
to become uneasy
að ókyrrast
to become winter
að vetra

to become a doctor
að verða læknir
to become addicted to sth.
að ánetjast e-u
to become aware of sth.
að verða e-s var

að verða e-s áskynja

að verða var við e-ð

að verða áskynja um e-ð
to become common knowledge [sth. becomes common knowledge]
að komast í hámæli [e-ð kemst í hámæli]
to become fatal to sb.
að verða e-m að fjörtjóni
to become friends (with sb.)
að vingast (við e-n)
to become full (of sth.)
að fyllast (af e-u)
to become more beautiful
að fríkka
to become more dense
að þéttast
to become more difficult
að þyngjast
to become sick of sth.
að verða illt af e-u
to become visibly pregnant
að þykkna undir belti
to have just become sth.
að vera nýorðinn e-ð
to let sth. become reality
að láta e-ð ásannast

to become a laughing stock
að verða að athlægi
to become an admirer of sb.
að taka ástfóstri við e-n
to have become a custom
að vera viss passi
Usage Examples English
  • Construction began in 2013, with plans for it to become operable by 2015 and produce up to 50 aircraft per year by 2017.b Mardi Gras is an official state holiday in Mobile and Baldwin counties.
  • Although every human being is invited to become a Christian, only those who have undergone the initiation into the Christian community through baptism can share in the "realistic" dying and rising with Christ.
  • What interests him, he tells Rieux, is how to become a saint even though he does not believe in God.
  • The mission of Ada Developers Academy is to diversify tech by providing women and gender diverse people the skills, experience, and community support to become professional software developers to change the face of tech.
  • The axon hillock is the area formed from the cell body of the neuron as it extends to become the axon.

  • according to Bemer, "so much so that the code that was to become ASCII was first called the "Bemer–Ross Code" in Europe".
  • and in May 1941 van Vogt decided to become a full-time writer, quitting his job at the Canadian Department of National Defence.
  • At the time, many speculated that the stores would fail, but they went on to become highly successful, and the first of more than 500 stores around the world.
  • The new nomenclature scheme was applied to the Audi 100 to become the Audi A6 (with a minor facelift).
  • Hayakawa (later to become a Republican member of the U.S. ...

  • Alexander appears to have introduced a new coinage in Cilicia in Tarsus, after the Battle of Issus in 333 BC, which went on to become the main coinage of the empire.
  • Jainism views every soul as worthy of respect because it has the potential to become "Siddha" (God in Jainism).
  • Angola's economy has in recent years moved on from the disarray caused by a quarter-century of Angolan civil war to become the fastest-growing economy in Africa and one of the fastest-growing in the world, with an average GDP growth of 20% between 2005 and 2007.
  • Arthur moved to Hamburg to live with his friend Jean Anthime, who was also studying to become a merchant.
  • The refinery on Aruba grew to become one of the largest in the world.

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