Translation for 'imperturbable' from English to Italian
SYNO imperturbable | unflappable
impassibile {adj}imperturbable
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Translation for 'imperturbable' from English to Italian

impassibile {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Another well-remembered interview was with a hard-of-hearing but imperturbable British farmer who had grown a prize-winning giant cabbage.
  • ", the character Profane watches an unspecified Randolph Scott film and compares himself unfavorably with his hero, whom he describes as "cool, imperturbable, keeping his trap shut and only talking when he had to – and then saying the right things and not running off haphazard and inefficient at the mouth".
  • Thabit (...) is an Arabic name for males that means "the imperturbable one". It is sometimes spelled Thabet.
  • One reviewer finds the writing both dignified and humorous, and describes the protagonist as imperturbable.
  • "Wisden" described him as "a firm and imperturbable umpire".

  • Upon hearing the news of O'Halloran's death, the normally imperturbable Playford publicly wept.
  • In the Second Test at Melbourne, "Australia owed much to the imperturbable Hassett", as he top-scored with 52 in the first innings.
  • ... Spock, who was likewise "imperturbable, logical, intelligent, and had pointed ears").
  • Macartney reveals an unexpected streak of jealousy in the seemingly imperturbable Lord Orville.
  • It was described as expressive ethereal sounds in imperturbable calmness.

  • The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw praised her performance as displaying "a massively imperturbable dignity and limpid gaze."
  • In this tied down fate we must therefore be active, decide and create a "project of life"—thus not be like those who live a conventional life of customs and given structures who prefer an unconcerned and imperturbable life because they are afraid of the duty of choosing a project.
  • and the imperturbable stillness of mind acquired thereafter.
  • Alongside Andrew Stuart, the last British Resident Commissioner of the New Hebrides, Stuart described Cook as ‘imperturbable’.
  • Fabian von Schlabrendorff, one of the few senior anti-Nazis to survive the war, described Oster as "a man such as God meant men to be, lucid and serene in mind, imperturbable in danger".

  • "So my wife assures me" came Bruce's imperturbable reply.
  • Parliamentary author Ralph Kilpin, in his book "The Old Cape House", describes Tennant as having been a hard-working and imperturbable man, with a gentle and unaffected dignity.
  • McDonnell on the other hand was observed to be taciturn and imperturbable.
  • Jimmy does not really know what his new boss' job is, but Devlin's friendly nature, imperturbable demeanor, and willingness to offer Jimmy advice wins Jimmy over and the two become friends.
  • The imperturbable courtesy of his style is in striking contrast to the violence of his opponents; and, in spite of his unorthodoxy, he was neither an atheist nor an agnostic.

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